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    The 63 mile trail developed, maintained and protected by the Lancaster Hiking Club has its northern terminus at the old Lebanon Pumping station just off route 322.  The Horseshoe trail also joins the CTS at this point.  The southern terminus is located at Lock 12 in York County just across the Norman Wood Bridge and off route 372.  Here, at the southern terminus, the CTS joins the Mason-Dixon Trail System.

    The CTS offers scenes of the many different land uses and natural terrain that exist in Lancaster County.  It crosses rich farmland, passes pleasant residential areas, glimpses of highly industrialized sites,  meanders through the Lancaster County Park, and climbs about in the River Hills.  In tracing creeks and rivers the CTS crosses and recrosses them by a variety of means.  There are covered bridges, a cable bridge, the more modern bridges as the Norman Wood Bridge and inevitable rock hopping, which is necessary at times.

    The hiker may find examples of the flora and fauna of Lancaster County.   Perhaps one may even be lucky enough to spot an Osprey rising in flight along the Susquehanna River or black-crowned night heron along the banks of the Conestoga.  In the spring trillium and other wildflowers abound.

    Ruins of old magnetite mines are visible on both sides of the Pequea Creek within a few hundred yards is Sickman's Mill.  Also south of Pequea is a Tectonic Cave were many cool off and eat Lunch.  Long deserted locks and dams may still be found in the Conestoga.  These ruins once made it possible to travel from Lancaster to Philadelphia through the use of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.  One dam site is about a mile south of Engleside at the point were the CTS reaches the Conestoga on the abandoned railroad track, it was once known as Levan's Dam.

    No shelters are available along the CTS for camping.  There are some designated areas for camping and are noted in the guide book.  Please ask permission of landowners before camping in ANY other areas.  Please respect the property on which the trail exists.  In order for the trail to survive we need their continued support.

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