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The Coatesville Wrestling Homepage

At this site you will find all the information you need on the 1999 Coatesville Wrestling Team. And it will keep you up to date with the team. You will also be able to find records of past and present wrestlers. There are also plenty of other links to wrestling sites that are worth visiting.

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Josh Springer advances to Regionals.

2000-2001 Coatesville Wrestling Roster

(#=Coach, *=Captain, (F)=Freshman, (S)=sophmore, (J)=Junior, (Sr.)=Senior)
The Official Coatesville Wrestling Webpage

**Check up on the team at Lock Haven's wrestling camp this summer.**(Below Links)

Coatesville Wrestling archives
TV Wrestling Schedule
The Garrison Report
The Linx Page
The Other Side Poem
District One Teams
District One Homepage
Attitude (read this coaches)
1999 in review
Past awards
!NEW! Josh Springer advances to Regionals!NEW!
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