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ThunderbirdsIn the 21st century, Jeff Tracy, a former astronaut, amasses a colossal fortune and decides that he must use it to benefit others. His answer to this desire is to create International Rescue, a unique private emergency response service equipped with customed designed vehicles and equipment that enable the organization to react to any crisis whether it be in sea, air, land, or space. Jeff's sons volunteer to operate as the field agents as well as Harim "Brains" Hackenbaker as the team engineer. In addition, Jeff's friend, Kyrano and his niece Tin Tin agree to be the support staff. In addition to the field team, IR also maintains an intelligence network with Lady Penelope and her ex-con chauffer, Parker as the chief agents in this arm. The series depicts this team as they answer various calls for help around and beyond the world while they prevent enemies like the Hood from learning and exploiting their secrets.

Tracy Family

Parker (Lady Penelopes chauffeur with a background) Lady Penelope (London Office) Alan Tracy (Thunderbird 3) Scott Tracy (Thunderbird 1) Jeff Tracy (Headquarters at Tracey Island) Tin Tin (Maintenance of technical equipment) Gordon Tracy (Thunderbird 4) Brains (Engineer) Virgil Tracy (Thunderbird 2) John Tracy (Thunderbird 5) --left to right


JEFF TRACY - the resolute astronaut who founded the International Rescue Organization and co-ordinates it from his secret base, Tracy Island.

SCOTT TRACY - Jeff's eldest son, versatile pilot of Thunderbird 1. Responsible for assessing trouble and directing operations on the spot.

Thunderbird 1VIRGIL TRACY - the staunch, reliable pilot of Thunderbird 2.

ALAN TRACY - impetuous and ladykilling, he pilots Thunderbird 3.

GORDON TRACY - Virgil's jocular copilot, who also mans Thunderbird 4 when needed.

JOHN TRACY - responsible for the essential duty of manning space monitor Thunderbird 5.

BRAINS - the shy scientific wiz who invented the Thunderbirds and is constantly coming up with new ideas for gadgets and machines.

LADY PENELOPE - International Rescue's elegant, glamorous London agent who is driven around in her shocking-pink Rolls Royce, licence plate FAB 1, by...

PARKER - Lady Penelope's chauffeur, a Cockney ex-criminal with plenty of useful (though occasionally illegal) skills.

The HoodTHE HOOD - a tyrannical villain with mysterious hypnotic powers and a determination to undermine International Rescue and learn the secrets of the Thunderbirds craft.

KYRANO - Jeff Tracy's loyal servant, over whom the Hood (his evil half brother) has a strange hypnotic power and influence.

TIN-TIN - Kyrano's daughter, an electronics expert who works closely with Brains with definite fondness for Alan Tracy.

GRANDMA - Jeff Tracy's mother, who just loves cooking and looking after her grandsons.

Thunderbird 1--A silver-grey scout craft whose 7000 mph top speed enabled it to be first at the scene of a crisis. Piloted by Scott Tracy, eldest son and decisive rescue organizer.

Thunderbird 2Thunderbird 2--a giant green freighter designed to carry heavy rescue equipment to the danger zone in a range of intergral pods. Piloted by Virgil, a reliable and steady character who worked closely with Scott.

Thunderbird 3--an orange spaceship npiloted by Alan, the impetuous youngest brother, also an expert motor racing driver and "romantic lead".

Thunderbird 4--a yellow, underwater craft, carried to resues in one of Thunderbird 2's pods. Controlled by Gordon, enthusiastic and a bit of a joker.

Thunderbird 5--International Resue's base a space satellite, the eyes and ears of the organization. On duty in Thunderbird 5 is John Tracy. Monitoring all transmissions from Earth and translating any SOS signal and sending it back to the Earth.


TRAPPED IN THE SKY Writer: Gerry and Sylvia Anderson / Director: Alan Pattillo The Hood places a bomb aboard an airliner in order to be able to photograph the Thunderbirds craft as they attempt to rescue it. International Rescue must simultaneously save Tin-Tin, who is aboard the airliner, and thwart the Hood's devious plans.

PIT OF PERIL Alan Fennell / Desmond Saunders When a revolutionary new Army transport vehicle 'The Sidewinder' is tested, it runs into trouble and disappears beneath the ground. International Rescue is called, and with mens' lives at stake, a highly ingenious and dangerous operation devised by Brains must be executed perfectly to succeed.

t1 and t2CITY OF FIRE Alan Fennell / David Elliott A terrifying fire breaks out in a vast shopping mart. Everyone is evacuated except for a single family who are trapped in a sealed-off corridor. Against overwhelming odds, Scott and Virgil save the family before the whole area explodes.

SUN PROBE Alan Fennell / Alan Pattillo A research space ship loses its direction and is on a collision course with the sun. Using some of Brains' latest equipment, Alan and Scott in Thunderbird 3 save the probe ship and narrowly avoid crashing into the sun themselves.

THE UNINVITED Alan Fennell / Desmond Saunders Scott is forced down in the desert by three mysterious jet fighters with weird, unfamiliar markings. He and two archaeologists are captured by his attackers, the Zombites, a lost race living in a huge pyramid. Scott manages to create blind confusion in the Zombites' headquarters, the three escape and the pyramid is destroyed.

THE MIGHTY ATOM Dennis Spooner / David Lane The Hood audaciously steals 'The mighty Atom', a Robot rat that can be programmed to take photographs. He plans to photograph the Thunderbirds, but fortunately for International Rescue, during its mission the Mighty Atom stumbles on another subject. When the Hood retrieves the film all he finds is shots of Lady Penelope - screaming her head off at the life-like rat!

VAULT OF DEATH Dennis Spooner / David Elliott At the Bank of England, an employee has been trapped in a time-lock vault that is set to remain closed for two years. The air is being pumped out and the employee will soon die. Thunderbirds arrive to save the man and begin to burn their way in. With time running out the situation is desperate - until Penelope and Parker arrives and he opens the vault with one of her hairpins!

BrainsOPERATION CRASH DRIVE Martin Clump / Desmond Sounders Two giant Fireflash airliners have crashed into the Atlantic under mysterious circumstances. Although International Rescue manage to save the pilot of the second crash, they can find no explanation of it. On a third flight, Thunderbird 2 follows the Fireflash, and the cause of the trouble is located - a saboteur hidden in the wing. At the last moment, Gordon repairs the sabotage and the Fireflash is saved.

MOVE AND YOU'RE DEAD Alan Pattillo / Alan Pattillo A jealous racing driver strands Alan Tracy and Grandma on a new road bridge with an ultra-sonic device connected to a bomb so that if they move, they die. But Brains ingeniously disables the bomb for long-distance. The two are saved, and it is left up to Scott to track down the driver who has stolen Alan's prize-winning car.

MARTIAN INVASION Alan Fennell / David Elliott Using his half-brother Kyrano, the Hood immobilizes the photodetector in Thunderbird 1. Thus when Scott goes to the rescue of two actors trapped during filming of a Martian invasion movie, the Hood is able to photograph the craft. But he is discovered, and in his attempts to deliver the film to his customer, General Strond, it is destroyed.

BRINK OF DISASTER Alan Fennell / David Lane When Jeff Tracy, Brains and Tin-Tin are taken on a monorail journey by Warren Grafton, it almost ends in disaster. The track has been negligently built by Grafton's crooked outfit and it takes the full resources of Brains and Thunderbirds 1 and 2 to save the four passengers. Then Grafton and the other crooks are made safe - behind bars.

THE PERILS OF PENELOPE Alan Pattillo / Alan Pattillo and Desmond Saunders Investigating the disappearance of an accomplished scientist, Lady Penelope is similarly kidnaped. In an attempt to force the scientist to reveal his secrets, Penelope is tied directly in the path of an oncoming express train. Will he talk? But such questions are irrelevant as Virgil and Gordon save Penelope - just as the express train rushes into view.

Thunderbird ThreeTERROR IN NEW YORK Alan Fennell / David Lane and David Elliott Disaster strikes when the Empire State Building is moved to a new site to allow development of the old one. A TV reporter and cameraman are trapped in a cave-in. Brains surmises that they can be reached from an underground network of streams, but as Gordon rushes to meet the two men in Thunderbird 4, another building collapses. The two men are saved, just before a gigantic tidal wave sweeps through behind them.

END OF THE ROAD Dennis Spooner / David Lane There is a double problem when a man who knows the Tracy family is in extreme danger. After a dangerous demolition operation, Eddie Houseman is helplessly stranded in his tractor on the brink of a cliff. He must be saved - but without learning that International Rescue comprises his friends, the Tracys, Scott and Virgil keep their identities secure by staying within their vehicles and hauling Eddie to safety.

A DAY OF DISASTER Dennis Spooner / David Elliott A Martian probe-rocket collapses with two engineers in its nose cone. And then the countdown begins... International Rescue must save the two men before the rocket is destructively launched - but it is buried beneath tons of rubble. For hours they work until the nose cone is finally detached and the engineers freed, just before the rocket fires and disintegrates against a river bank.

THE EDGE OF IMPACT Donald Robertson / Desmond Saunders Two men are endangered when an aircraft sabotaged by the Hood crashes into their Teleray Station. The Control Room at the top is swaying in the wind and will soon collapse. They cannot be rescued directly, but a capsule fired from Thunderbird 2 contains escape harnesses for the men, and when the structure finally falls the two are saved.

DESPERATE INTRUDER Donald Robertson / David Lane Brains and Tin-Tin are on a search for golden treasure. They don aquasuits to dive into a lake where the treasure may be... the Hood lays in wait then uses his hypnotic powers on the hunters - but buried to his neck in sand, Brain still refuses to reveal the lake's location. The Hood attacks again... in the battle his craft is destroyed, the treasure lost, and Brains trapped. Finally, Brains is saved and order restored.

30 MINUTES BEFORE NOON Alan Fennell / David Elliott When a mission to undermine a complex sabotage operation goes wrong a British agent is left with a bomb in a bracelet clamped to his arm, trapped under robot guard in a well-shielded plutonium storage room. The world's biggest explosion will happen at 12:30. Unless... International Rescue are forced to succeed at a highly delicate operation that involves breaching the plutonium security zone and disposing of the explosive bracelet.

THE IMPOSTORS Dennis Spooner / Desmond Saunders Two men posing as International Rescue agents save a man trapped in a well and steal secret papers from an adjacent underground vault. With their reputation sullied, International Rescue's freedom to operate is curtailed and there is a man in dire trouble in space. Suddenly, Penelope comes through with the impostors' identity, and Alan and Scott can at last rescue the drifting spaceman.

THE MAN FROM M.I.5 Alan Fennell / David Lane While investigating the disappearance of British secret agent Bondsson and some terrible dangerous nuclear plans, Lady Penelope is kidnaped and left with a remote-controlled bomb. But the kidnapers have not reckoned with the radio built into Penelope's powder compact! The Thunderbirds are alerted, the murderers are trapped, Lady Penelope is saved.... and the plans are regained.

CRY WOLF Dennis Spooner / David Elliott After two Australian boys have raised a false alarm, their second call for help is at first ignored. But when America satellite HQ confirms that the boys' father (one of the operatives) is under assault from the Hood, Thunderbirds rush to rescue. The pursued Hood tumbles over a cliff, and the two small boys are saved.

DANGER AT THE OCEAN DEEP Donald Robertson / Desmond Saunders One ship, Ocean Pioneer I, has disappeared. And just after Ocean Pioneer is launched, Brains discovers that its cargo of liquid alsterene destines it for disaster too. Even with a mysterious communications blackout hindering them, Thunderbirds locate the ship. Amid growing radiation, the crew is finally saved, but the vessel explodes.

THE DUCHESS ASSIGNMENT Martin Crump / David Elliott Lady Penelope's friend, the elderly Duchess of Royston, arranges to loan a valuable painting to an American businessman. En route to deliver the painting, she is kidnaped by two crooks - but notifies International Rescue with a concealed homing device Penelope has given her. The crooks are caught and the Duchess rescued from the burning building she has imprisoned in.

ATTACK OF THE ALLIGATORS Alan Patillo / David Lane After accidentally pouring a quantity of enlarging drug into a swamp river, four men are trapped in their house by giant alligators. Alan, Virgil and Gordon manage to put the four beasts out of action, but subsequently a whole vial full of enlarging liquid, drops in the river. Gordon swims to search for it, and finally recovers the vial - mercifully intact.

Thunderbird FourTHE CHAM CHAM Alan Pattillo / Alan Pattillo Musical arranger Olsen has been using the live broadcasts of a famous pop group to sabotage American rocket transporter flights with a sensitive ultrasonic device, the Cham Cham. Posing as a singer, Penelope interrupts the next broadcast, and using exactly the right key and tempo, sings the transporter to safety. Olsen is captured by Virgil and Alan in Thunderbird 2.

SECURITY HAZARD Alan Pattillo / Desmond Saunders Chip, a small boy, stows away and manages to reach Tracy Island. When Jeff discovers him learning International Rescue secrets, he decides the boy is a security hazard that must be neutralized. When Chip falls asleep he is whisked home to his own bed, and is left believing the whole escapade was a dream.

ATLANTIC INFERNO Alan Fennell / Desmond Saunders While Jeff is on holiday, Scott is left in charge on International Rescue. He successfully masterminds an operation to save all the occupants of a stricken oil rig that is slowly destroyed by fire. But by the time Jeff returns, it has been too much for Scott - now he needs a holiday!

PATH OF DESTRUCTION Donald Robertson / David Elliott The massive, atomic powered 'Crablogger' that cuts down and processes trees into pulp goes out of control and razes a town to the ground. Virgil and Scott risk death to shut down its reactor and empty its fuel tanks before it destroys a local dam.

ALIAS MR. HACKENBACKER Alan Pattillo / Desmond Saunders Crooks try to hijack a plane on which Lady Penelope is hosting a fashion show. She contacts Thunderbirds who force the plane to make a crash landing. But all aboard are saved as the plane has been fitted with a safety device invented by Brains - under his alias 'Mr. Hackenbacker'. The frustrated crooks are captured and led away.

Thunderbird FiveLORD PARKER'S 'OLIDAY Tony Barwick / Brian Burgess Lady Penelope and Parker holiday at the first town to be lit by solar power. But during their first night there a giant reflector used to concentrate the sun's rays crashes. As the sun rises, the Thunderbirds must race against time to prevent the town being destroyed by the magnified heat.

RICOCHET Tony Barwick / Brian Burgess In space, a pirate TV station is damaged by the destruction of a faulty rocket and is destined for burn-out on re-entry of the atmosphere. Thunderbird 5 is malfunctioning and cannot help. Tin-Tin picks up an SOS TV message from the pirates, and Thunderbirds 2 and 3 save the crew - but their unauthorized spacecraft blows up in the desert.

GIVE OR TAKE A MILLION Alan Pattillo / Desmond Saunders When two bank robbers trip an alarm, they try to hide but are transported along with a consignment of hundreds of gifts to a childrens' hospital. The crooks are captured and one lucky child gets the Christmas of a lifetime at Tracy Island.


Episodes are now available on VHS and DVD!

  • Trapped In The Sky
  • Pit of Peril
  • City of Fire
  • Sunprobe
  • The Uninvited
  • The Almighty Atom
  • Vault of Death
  • Operation: Crash Dive
  • Move and You're Dead
  • Martian Invasion
  • Brink of Disaster
  • The Perils of Penelope
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