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I just have a few things to saay today,I have currently got held up on my new layout,but it should be done in about a week,and when I am done I will put the new wads I have received on the site,so keep sending them in.
Ok I have recieved a few wads in the mail but I didn't add them,because i am currently changing the layout on most of the pages,and I won't be adding wads untill I am finished,so if you send a wad and I dosn't get on it is because I am still doing the layout so dont get mad,and don't think I am falling behind on updates.I would like a big stack of wads to put on when I am finished with the layout though so send them in!I have also changed my email address to,the link below has been updated,but the one on the submit a wad page hasn't so instead of sending them to my old address make sure you send them to my new one.I should be done with the layout in either 1 to 2 weeks it all depends how much time I have to edit it.And by the way will some more of you please join the mailing list there is only a few on it and I don't want to start sending newsletters untill I get some more people,thanks.
Ok this is a pretty good update,well first of i got a couple of doom2 wads to add today,but you guys arent sending in any Heretic or Hexen ones,so start sending them in,I also would like to say the this site,the deathmatch hq is not a branch or part of the Doom wad review,we are a independent site,and the doom wad review just does a couple of reviews for us,mainly the ones I make.Ok well i got done with a deathmatch wad,it is called infultrate the base it is a really cool wad it has i theme to it,and also some rules on playing it,i didn't get it one the site yet but I will soon.Well enjoy the wads.
YESSSS,finally you guys sent in wads,i got a total of 17 wads in the mail,i still have a few of them that i didn't add yet but i will soon,I have also finished my Tele Pits wad it is really cool you have to download it and send it to all you deathmatch buddies.I also got a load of wads from Sir Robin,thanks man.I also got this wad called Dwango it is really cool,it is the first level of doom2,but modified and when you kill an imp or something and it explodes,it will say "season's over asshole" its really cool,As you can see I also put new graphics on the page and got rid of those crappie still ones with the black surronding,I think the site looks a little better now,well I should get the rest of those wads on in a couple of days,keep sending those wads in!
Ok I am starting to get pissed,no one is sending wads in which is forcing me not to update as much,I know some of you people that surf in here have wads that arent here,so whats the big deal to put them in a zip and send me them its that easy,now cmon.I got 1 wad to add today,and I also updated my link page again with a few more links. My Tele Pits Wad is coming along very nicley,it should be done soon,and the doom wad review site is almost finished.Well thats about it,SEND WADS IN DAMNIT.
This update really isn't that big, I only got 2 wads to add,YOU MUST SEND IN MORE WADS,SEND IN MORE WADS SEND IN MORE WADS,ok please listen to that, I got a email from Cold Rock,he made an add-on that is compatable with all dooms,it is called the laser add on,it is really cool you should download it,I put it on the files page,I have currently put my gothic library project on hold,because I came up with a better idea for a wad,I am going to call it Telepits,it should be down in a couple of weeks,and I urge you one more time SEND WADS IN!!!!!!!!
Yet another really early update...but what the hell again....,I updated the links page today with a load of links,and got rid of some bad ones too,I also updated the files page with a couple of new files,also i updated the file page so that when you click on the program it brings up the download window instead of taking you to the program homepage.I am still looking for some Heretic and or Hexen midis for the Heretic and Hexen wad pages but I can't find any,so if you have any i would appreciate it if you would smack them in a zip file and email me them.I got 6 wads in the email today too,please keep them coming.I am going to start another deathmatch wad as well as my gothic library,it will be called Tele Pits,it has a good idea to it and should be good for fraging on,look for the next update sometime inbetween a week.
I know this update is a little early but what the hell....,I finially finshed my latest wad The Vineyard,wich was reviewed by the doom wad review site and is now at my Doom and Doom2 wad section,I have also made a Heretic version of the Vineyard also,and I made a Heretic version of my blood1 wad called Feild of Water,it too has been reviewed by the doom wad review site and is ready to download.By the way are freinds over at the doom wad review site are almost done completing there site,they have a few more pages and some retouching to do.I urge you to please submit your wads into us especially some more Heretic and Hexen ones,even if you didn't make them just smack em a zip file with a text file and send them in...I am know currently working on a new wad called The Gothic Library with should be done in about a month maybe,it will be a really cool one.
The Grand opening of The Deathmatch Head Quarters,welcome to the soon to be number 1 source for all your deathmatch needs for Doom,Doom2,Heretic,and Hexen,The Deathmatch Hq will contain Deathmatch wads only along with some other cool things and files,and The Deathmatch Hq will be updated weekly.Also I would appreciate it if you would submit wads,the wads will be added every week,I will rate them and add them to the wad section of that game,also I would appreciate it if you would please put i link to this site in your links page if you have a web page.Thank you for visiting,come back to check on new wads every week.You may contact me here .
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