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Modern Art Finds The Goddess

First, allow me to explain that I have been up all night and it is now the wee hours of the morn. A time when no woman and no man should be awake. What you see to the left is a creation of mine. It came to me while playing in Illustrator. I grow bored pumping out the same old Goddess images sometimes and need to play.

How I View The Goddess

I view Her as pure energy. She only takes form when one tries to hold Her still, to grasp Her, in his/her mind. It is the same with the male energy, God. Always flowing / moving.

To Feel The God/Goddess Energy

To feel this energy around us / within us, we need only become AWARE of it. Sit or lie down comfortably. Close your eyes. Take in a deep breath, hold it for the count of six, and then slowly exhale. Continue breathing deeply and slowly and clear your mind. If you are having trouble with random thoughts, just allow them to pass through your mind. Don't try and stop them as this will cause a block.

Now, just become AWARE. You'll feel a tingling sensation through your body as you become aware of the energy passing through you. This energy never stops. It is always there, always passing through you. Don't try and contain the energy within you, just feel it flow through. Become aware of your surroundings and the energy passing around you. It is everywhere. SHE is EVERYWHERE.

Finish this exercise as you see fit. You can desensitive yourself to it once more, bringing yourself back to your previous state of awareness, only feeling extremely more energized, or you can continue feeling that energy for as long as you wish, even while doing mundane tasks such as the household chores.

Goddess Bless You and Yours,