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Nihonto-Japanese Swords as Art

John Eliyas' Page

As Swift as the Wind, as Silent as the Forest, as Fierce as Fire, Immovable as the Mountain

Updates on the ART AND THE SWORD

August 2007

An article on Nihonto and eBay.


Tachi Believed to be Hoki Kunimune ca. 1300's.

Mei of Kunimune Closeup of the two character mei.

Katana An unsigned Koto Katana, probably early Nambokucho.

Katana A late Koto, early Shinto, 23.5 in. Katana, unsigned. Possibly Bizen influenced Mihara.

Wakizashi A Shinto, 22 in. Wakizashi, suriage with 4 ana, signed Heianjo ju Kunitake Saku. Most likely Horikawa Kei and a student of Kunihiro.

Shin GuntoAn Oil Tempered 1938 Shin Gunto signed Kanemune.

Kyu Gunto A Machine Made Kyu Gunto signed Hiromichi, dated May 1945.


Kodzuka 1 - ?

Kodzuka 1 - Detail front
Kodzuka 1 - Detail back

Kodzuka 2 - Kaino School

Kodzuka 2 - Detail front
Kodzuka 2 - Detail back

Kodzuka 3 - Ichijou

Kodzuka 3 - Detail front
Kodzuka 3 - Detail back

Kodzuka 4 - Harutoshi

Kodzuka 4 - Detail front
Kodzuka 4 - Detail back

Kodzuka 5 - ?

Kodzuka 5 - Detail front


Richard Stein's Web Page - An Excellent Resource for Nihonto.

Roger Robertshaw's webpage on Hizen Tadayoshi and Hizento.

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