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If you simply want to contact me and tell me that my site rocks, email me at


If you want your Willow/Angel fanfiction in my Hidden Crypt, then you need to do the following:

* Make a copy of your fanfic in either .doc (Microsoft Word) or .txt format.
* Do whatever you have to in your browser to open a new email message.
* In the "To:" line, put
* In the "Subject:" line, put Fanfic Submission.
* In the message box, include the following:

- The author's name (In other words, YOUR name. I will not accept plagarism or submissions under someone else's name.)
- The author's email address (Once again, YOURS. This is so you can receive feedback and so I can contact you. If you specifically do not want your email address displayed by your work, let me know in the email message.)
- The official title of the fanfiction.
- The rating of the fanfiction (This is so people can avoid reading something that they may not approve of. Please do not send me NC17 fiction, I don't want to risk getting my page removed suddenly.)
- Spoilers for the fanfiction (This is where in the BtVS timeline your story takes place. For example, does it take place before Buffy gets to Sunnydale in Season 1, or right after Dopplegangland in Season 3?)
- A Disclaimer (This is so you and I don't get sued. This is a very serious matter, just simply say that you don't own any BtVS characters that you didn't make up, and that you're not getting paid for writing this story. Elaborate if you need to or wish to.)
- A quick Summary of the fanfiction (This is so people know what kind of story they're about to read.)
* Attach the fanfiction document to the email.
* Send the email.

Now, I know that some people may find it hard to include all these things in a single email. However, if the email is missing any of these items, I cannot archive that fanfiction. Sorry, but that's just the way it goes.

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