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Blessed are ye who have looked beyond the Angelfire banner and found the Potato God Worship Center! Slightly less blessed are ye who are using Netscape, as it does not like some of our Holy Stylesheets. This is the only place online that we know of at this point that is dedicated to evangelism on behalf of Our Starch-Based Savior, The Potato God.

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Updated 9/22/03

Update news: And lo, after two years, there was an update. Granted, it's just an update of the corning page, but you take what you can get. A new question has been answered. In older news, look for a new doctrine update. Careful study of the Holy Quipus has revealed more of the 491 Sins. (Yes, we know some sins are blank. Would you like to try reading a quipu?) Now you can get an answer to your yes/no question instantly! We added a Guestbook, so you can see just what kind of morons visit this site. Also, a new question has been answered.

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