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~*(CR)*~ Welcome to Crystal Realms ~*(CR)*~

*Image Copyrighted to: Rodney Matthews*

On December 6, 1998, Crystal Realms (CR), a neutral forum, comes into being. The CR seeks to bring order out of the chaos that has run rampant through the known realms, where the quality of life is dependent on the roll of the dice, and by how many exp's one has. This condition has rendered SL's (Story Lines) and Role Playing almost non-existent. The CR offers a balance between role playing and the roll of the dice. The Charter and Laws are not set in stone, for they are always evolving. The CR is suited on the homeworld known as Vernemeton. Vernemeton, meaning "Most Holy Grove", is a new, uncharted and exotic world that offers opportunities for colonization, adventure and exploration. The traveller and visitor will find exotic words of darkness and light.

The Nirmirian Solar System is part of Imaji Realm and one of the countless Sister Worlds that make up the Imaji Realm The common name is Crystal Realms for the Nirmirian system due to the great pockets of ice and surround some of the bigger planets creating exotic haunting images in the night sky.

The first settlers colonized the planet's northern hemisphere that is reknown for it's rich oak forests. The First City (Drusillian) was born during these early days.

The realm's terrain varies from vast savannahs, tropical rain forests, tundras, temperate zones, deserts, subterranean worlds, to name a few. Each terrain has its own unique ecosystem. Vernemeton is a giant in size to the planet known as Saturn in the Earth realm. The planet is surrounded by six rings of ice and fire, and three small moons gracing it's face in a vast, circular orbit. The Nirmirian solar system is made up of 10 planets and one orange-giant star (sun) that provides nourishing light. The central government for the Nirmirian solar system resides on Vernemeton in Drusillian under the CR.

The system of government is a democratic monarchy with a system of councils (Tribums) with the matriarch at the top. Each House has a representive in the Tribum and a vote. Each House is its own law, however, it must still follow the charter by laws. Aside from the Houses that make up the empire, there are guilds or schools from which each house may recruit a member that has a specific skill. Decisions that impact on the forum are made by vote. In cases, where the Tribums cannot meet, the Matriarch and Forum Ministers will decide on policy. Generally, voting is to be carried out by the full High Tribum that includes the Matriarch, House Leaders, and Forum High Ministers.

By guild, we mean the traditional Middle Ages concept of a guild and not the concept that a guild is a group made up of people with different skills. Guild here is used to mean a school or trade. For example, a guild of blacksmiths or assassins.

The contents of and the ideas used in this charter are the sole property of its creators, and used with the permission of G.Blessing B. 1998.

DISCLAIMER: The CR Forum is in no way, shape or form related to or affiliated with Marvel Comics or their product of Crystal Realms or any of its characters.


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