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Welcome to Eemeet Meeker's School Of Paving, your place for top of the line training in infrastructure maintainance. Our graduates routinely go on to exciting careers with PennDOT, the Palmerton Boro Crew, or collecting disability payments. Spots are still open for the Class of 2005 at our main location!

Updated 10/5/00

Events for the beginning of the Fall 2000 semester are now availabe on the schedule. More to come, probably after they're over.

Our Webmaster has decided to spend the Fall 2000 Semester in lovely Wollongong, NSW, Australia. This means that, while life at EMSP will go on as normal, this page won't get updated much until November. In older news, let it be noted that Terri Irving has been accepted to EMSP. The final schedule for Spring 2000 is up. Visit EMSP's Juanson Art Gallery.

Though EMSP allows the practice of religions from Zoroastrianism to the Holy Turtle, it retains close ties to its founding congregation:

The Potato God Worship Center

Emsp is also affiliated with

The World Rock Paper Scissors League

A Counter, of course!

Contact EMSP at sdanielson@mail.colgate.edu

Eemeet Meeker's School Of Paving

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