Fifteen Wheels. 408 Stories. Over 100 Authors. We be doin' it.

"I can't honestly say if I enjoy having a reason
to write more, or having so many great stories to
read when the Wheel turns."
~*~praise from Wheelie Laura Mason~*~

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NOTE BENE: Because of current things being the way they are, a great deal of stories from later wheels are unavailable. If you see these stories and can send a link to them, please do. If you see a wheel in another fandom, notify me, please! It's just curiosity, you see. LASTLY, if you are a writer of a story that is not properly archived/linked here, please mail me immediately so that I can arrange to either link properly or archive the file. Thanks!

The Beta Triumvirate
This is the one that started it all: two fic writers sit around and complain that they are bored. Then one of them has to open her mouth. Then the other one has to agree. Then they snag the other unsuspecting one who would have been I on it from the start had she been on the internet that very fateful night...
The First Lyric Wheel
Then one fic writer says 'Hey! I bet other people would like to try this too!' They did.
The "Hands" Wheel
Then a totally different fic writer said 'hey, I have this song, anyone interested?' Some of us were...
The Mortal Lyric Wheel
Things got boring, and complacent. We needed a challenge. So, we themed it. All mortals, all the time. Immies are supporting cast in these puppies.
The K'Immie Wheel of Death & Mayhem!!
*whine* Amaaaaaaand-rwe want another Lyric Wheel....and it has to be I have time for fun....this is just what it says: all the bad guys you could want, and even some surprises...
The Poetry Wheel
So we didn't use lyrics this time, we used poetry. Oh, and we doubled our size....
The Mucho Big Wheel
Back to lyrics again, and LORDY was it BIG! FRIGGIN HUGE!! OH MY GOD!! This is almost too many people for my melon to deal with.....
The Millennial Wheel
It's the new wheel of the new millennium, and that meant it was time to add a few little extras. This is the largest wheel ever, and it was, they say, the best so far. Things just seem to get better and better...or is that curiouser and curiouser?
The Crossover Wheel
This is exactly what it says- over 30 stories crossed over with fandoms, from the X-Files, to Pretender, Star Trek to Buffy!
The Watcher Wheel
This Wheel is dedicated to the dedicated-- the Watchers of everyone's favorite society. Observe and record, folks, but never interfere.
The Halloween Wheel
It's as spooky as it gets....note: Many stories not archived. If you find a link to one, LET ME KNOW!
The Quickening Wheel
Every story here has a lightning flash and a bit of head rolling.
The Picture Wheel
We sent pictures instead of lyrics. Oh, and did I mention, all of the stories are twisted Fairy Tales?
The Wheel: Where You Live
All stories are set in the author's home towns.
The Wheel: The End Is The Beginning
Was this the end of our beloved Wheel? The 24 stories on the forum said no. All submissions are about beginnings and endings. All stories are now saved at the forum, because it is private, and the webmistress is lazy. This is a direct link.