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I have tried to keep this site as WebTV friendly as possible. However, the sites with the * require use of The Validator for Webtv-ers to acquire the backgrounds. You can find a link to the Validator on the "Tools" page.

1001 Backgrounds aaa-na's Backgrounds Backgrounds by Kristy
Bax,Bax,Bax Big Daddy Bender's Backgrounds Bunches of Backgrounds *
Candystryper's Silks and Satins Cherry's Backgrounds Colorful Gradients*
Draac's Backgrounds Fancymay's Background Links Imaging Man
Krystal Faith's Backgrounds Page LadyOh's Backgrounds Lori's Background Links
Marvelicious Backgrounds * Naji's E-Mail Accents Neeceeree's Backgrounds Page
Toymaker's Backgrounds * Triple Backgrounds by Marie Wintermist's NFL Corner Backgrounds