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I Adore Mi Amor Justin

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I am in no way Justin Timberlake, although it would be a cool experience, I am not. Please don't email me letters to him because he will not get them. I wish that he could, but I don't know him personally. Sorry.
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Message from Owner

Wow! He's worth every penny!!
Aaww! What a cutie!!
Don't take my baby!! Noooooo!!!!

Birthdate: January 31, 1981

Birthplace: Memphis Tennessee

Family: Lynn Harless(mom),Paul Harless(stepdad),Lisa Timberlake (stepmom), Randall Timberlake(dad),Jonathan(bro),Steven(bro)

Kissable moment: On the Mickey D's tape when he goes "Boooommmmm it's a trend." (Too yummy!)

Eyes: Blue(Mmm, BLUE!!)

Height: 6'3" or so(You know what they say about tall guys! *I dunno, what do they say??*)

Weight: About 160 lbs.(All muscle baybee!!),

Girlfriend: Sad to say, he's dating Britney Spears (I do not like her at all, and not becuz she's with Justin. I just find her talentless and stupid) but if that's what he wants then let it be. Right?

Hobbies: Basketball,dancing,music,going out to clubs,being with his family...(What a sweetie pie!)

Favorite music: Hip-Hop, R & B, Stevie Wonder

Favorite food: Cereal,Pasta

Star sign: Aquarius

Best mates: Libra,Sagittarius,Aries,Gemini(DAMN!Ain't me!)

Car: Mercedes M Class

Don't you wish u were that dog?
Hey Joey, can we trade places??

Most embarrassing moment while onstage: "I ran onstage after a quick change with my fly unzipped. My pants almost fell all the way to my ankels. They fell down on my thighs(Oooh baby!) almost to my knees, and I grabbed them. Luckily I had a baggy basketball shirt on over them so you couldn't see they fell down." [Taken from the Official Book]

Couldn't you tell he was gonna grow up to be a hottie??
I like his handwriting,it's so...Justin!
Whoa baby!! That's all I gotta say!!!

My connection to Justin Timberlake: Don't really have one, but I had connections..don't belive me? Don't care. I got proof of it but anyways, on with the website..

Justin is so hott man! Don't you agree? I mean come on here, what girl wouldn't like this guy at her doorway? I sure wouldn't and I'm sure you wouldn't either!!

*Although Justin does tend to have a little bit of an attitude problem, he's still funny & one's perfect!(And I didn't mean that to sound rude)

Awww poor baby!
Man, can he get any hotter?

DAMN! NEVERMIND! I just proved myself wrong!! I guess he can get hotter!
He's too cute!
Before I forget,I wanna thank Kelly for hookin' me up with JC's auty and some pix and Angel for..well..she know's why. I haven't heard from her in a while so I hope she's alright & can still see this page.
My thoughts exactly!


Sing it baby!
Ooohh he's getting introuble! Bad boy!

Don't he look so FOINE!?

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