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"When we die we will go to Heaven, because we already
spent our time in Hell."

I guess if there was one sentence that could sum up the feelings of a Vietnam Veteran about the Vietnam War, that would be it. Like one U.S. Soldier said: "The thing that I can't forget about Nam was the smell of it. The smell. You smelled the napalm and you smelled the flesh burning. That will live with me to the end of my days. Nothing smells like Vietnam smells."

Napalm was designed initially as fuel for flame throwers and then for bombs. It was used extensively in World War II and the Korean War, where it proved particularly effective against enemy trenches and concealed positions. To be caught in a napalm attack is a horrible way to die. The searing burst of flame of a napalm attack became a familiar image of the Vietnam War and triggered protests in the United States about its use.

Our first trip back in time will be to My Lai. So click on the door and enter.

This next door to back in time is dedicated to the Australians to whom we owe a great deal of graditude.

Through this next door we will visit the combat base of Khe Sanh.

Enter this door and learn about Operation Junction City.

Enter this door and learn about the PoWs during the Vietnam War

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The VietNam Veterans' Memorial Wall Page
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For more on Vietnam and many more pictures click here to go to my website called Vietnam: Remembering Those Who Served

Jungle Eaters and Rome Plow Operators

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