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German word translation site(dictionary)

Info on PA gravestones and good links

Obituaries on Rootsweb interactive search

Try searching PA newspapers, some have archives

Obituary central may be of help

Montgomery County PA

M.C. PA available records

Norristown History

Civil War

M.C. PA Cemetery

Dana Rieder

I received this on one of my e-mail lists thought it
would help and left whole message so those who sent it
would get credit

Thanks for posting this site about German settlements
in Colonial America on the Montg. Co. list.
It led to many other interesting sites, including
these two:
This was a very worthwhile contribution to the list,
it may not be the last word in detail, but it is a
great primer for beginners and veteran researchers
Betty Burdan

Society of German-American Study

Lesson 2 German Settlement in Colonial America

German-American teaching Resources and units

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