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He's So Hot, He's Cool! (Does That Make Sense?)

*..` *HALapeno... (Spicy Poppa!!)* `..*

Hello!Welcome To HALapeno!That Rhymes, First Sign Of Insanity!

Hey All you Talk Soupers! This is my 2nd attempt to making a website. And this time I decided to make it about Hal Sparks! Once I heard about John leaving the purple chair I thought I was never gonna watch Talk Soup again. Well, channel surfing one night I came across the show and I saw Hal.. Automatically I fell in love! Anyway, I hope you like my page! Thanks! ~MicHelle**


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Happy 18th Birthday Hud!!!

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HALapeno...(Spicy Poppa)
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HalsLilGirl and SlimSk8 are both my screen names for AOL. I am more likely to get back faster to you under SlimSk8 because I am under that one more than HalsLilGirl. But feel free to e-mail at both screen names. Thanks!

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