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HALapeno... (Spicy Poppa!!)

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Laughter is the best medicine, and it won't make you drowsy!*


*Laughter is available by prescription only. Use only as directed. Some side effects are known including stomach cramps, runny eyes, muscle spasms and stool in the blood. Do not operate heavy machinary while laughing as may lead to accidental crushings. One time a man ran over his friend with a mulching lawnmower while remembering one of my jokes, maybe i dreamt that, anyway be careful. Oh and whatever you do don't laugh in Church. These people are very inharent humorous nature of what they are saying and even the slightest giggle makes them feel like the whole charade is crumbling this usually drives them to unfortunate acts like bombing and redundant legislation. Thanks for reading and FYI- constant laughter cures cancer.

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