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(Scene: Kennywood Amusement Park, West Mifflin, PA. At the top of the "Pitt Fall" ride, Car 3 has been waiting, out of service and empty, for several days. Suddenly, after the other three cars have dropped with their current passengers, Car 3 comes hurtling down -- with the sound of a muffled shriek -- and disgorges several shaky-looking individuals. The other passengers might give them odd looks, but the ride operator does not seem to have noticed anything... and as soon as they have disembarked, the once-again-empty Car 3 rises back to the top of the ride, to wait....)

(Files hyperlinked in yellow are available for viewing now. Agents' pictures will be posted as they are completed.)

Kirin Von Helio, Senior Agent

Brent Michael O'Shay, Senior Agent

Tyrone Young, Senior Agent

Twilight Hinkle, Agent

Lysistrata Midani, Agent

Morgan Calisti, Agent

Kai Von Helio, Agent

Marten "Fisher" King, Agent

Thomas Monroe, Agent

Evan Connelly, Jr. Agent

H. O. Hood, Jr. Agent