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The lake is changing, for better or worse, only time will tell.
The fish will and are, able to adapt.
So must the angler.



I highly recommend getting a HOT SPOTS MAP.
They are a great source of info for the lake.
For more info, click on this link
Hot Spots Map.
These maps are also available at many locations around the lake, bait shops, groceries stores, etc.etc.
I have 2 different hot spots maps, one is the regular map (#M483), the other is the GPS map (#S454). Same map but the numbers for areas are different. The numbers I'll be using here will be off the GPS map.

I do not in any way, have anything to do with the production of the HOT SPOTS maps.
I just use them the same as thousands of fisherfolks across the country.
I've used the map as an easy reference to add a little more info to some of the areas listed.

"It is always best just before you get there, And right after you leave"






Two Wolves

When I'm at the lake, it is usually in September and I stay on the south side of the Edwardsville bridge so the info supplied will reflect that. When the wind is up, it's just too rough a ride back from above the bridge.
Getting old I guess.
This page is still in progress. I'll be adding more info as I go.

(The numbers in red coinside with map numbers.)
Let's start down where the Indian River enters the lake. (4-6)There is a deep trough just outside the mouth of the river. I have taken some Northern and Bass (SM & LM) here free drifting a minnow just off the bottom. A jig tipped with a minnow or crawler has produced some of the same.
The adjoining weed beds in this area will give up some LM Bass and Northerns to Buzzbaits, Spinnerbaits and surface lures like a Scum Frog.
A run through the Narrows(8-9-11)can come up with some impressive fish. The deeper water, shoals and breaks combine to give you a variety of water. I would suggest a pass or two through, watching your graph to get a better look at the bottom contour. This way you can plot a troll line through if you chose that route or just to get a land mark on the shoals and break lines.
I use a Wally Diver(blue over silver or firetiger pattern), Hot N Tot(same colors) or a worm harness to troll through here for walleyes. Sometimes if you have a slight breeze, try dragging a chub or shiner along the bottom or a jig tipped with a minnow or crawler. If I'm casting the shoals or shorelines, I'll try some tubes or jigs, Rapalas, in-line spinners, spinnerbaits or a crawdad crankbait.
Along sharp drop along Prince Island and Congers Shoals(11),I've gotten some decent eye action in the morning and dusk. I work a jig and crawler or jig and minnow down the drop. When I locate fish, I'll concentrate on that depth. A crawdad worked down the drop the same way can be deadly for Smallies here.

I like to work Big Bay(10)from the small coves by Bullhead Island then Westerly around the Bay. I'll start out in the sparser pad areas and work my way in on each pass. I like Buzz-baits, Spinnerbaits and Scum Frogs here. I'll usually give each patch of pads 3 shots. Overcast it and bring it back to the left, then right, then right through it. If I roll something and miss, I'll hit the next closet patch and then come back. Try to have 2 rods rigged with something different on each. If they give up on one, most likely they'll take a whack at something else. Twitching a Rapala around in here will trigger a few explosions to get the ole heart pumping too.

The North-West side of Conger Island(12)is a good spot for Largemouth and Northern. It gets pretty thick in here so weedless, top water is key. I usually use a Scum Frog. Run it over the mats and pads. If you can manage a minnow under bobber in the holes, you can take a few bigguns out of here.

I've taken some decent Largemouth, Northern and a few Smallmouth just drifting across the area from Congers toward the big Channel Marker Buoys(13)Spinnerbaits, tubes or dragging a minnow.

Haigh Point,between Brown Bay and Congers Is. usually gives up a few Smallies or Walleyes. Try a jig and crawler and/or minnow rig or Tubes.
(no map #, but #8 GPS)

Going into Upper Deep Bay,(17)is Pin Island.
Pretty boney around the island, good Smallie spot. Also a good spot to lose some gear. I throw a crayfish crankbait with pretty good results but you can get hung up alot. Crayfish work good here too but you got to keep them moving or you'll be in the rock. On the Eastern side of the island is some ledge along the main shoreline. Crayfish or tubes are good to go but the weeds will dictate whether you can use them or not. It can get choked off pretty good.
I usually work my way into the bay itself on the East side and out on the West. Buzzbaits and Spinnerbaits. Nice Pads in the back of the bay. Same lures with the addition of a Scum Frog. Coming out the West side, there are spotty pad patches. I've done pretty good pitching tubes to the pads and into the holes.
The whole area around the back is a good spot for Northern. A minnow on a bobber.

All around the Devils Graveyard is good(18) for Smalies, Largemouth, Northern, Walleye, Crappie and Cats. I start on the lake side of the little ridge that sticks out of the water, then will work my way in on the shelf that runs to shore.
Livebait, jigs and crankbaits.

Working your way from Elwood Pt. toward the back of Lonesome Bay(19), try tossing a jig and minnow rig. There is a sharp drop off along the shoreline all the way to the rock ledge about 3/4 of the way to the back of the bay. Keep a good casting distance from shore and walk your jig down the slope.LM, SM, Walleye and Crappie can be found along this line. Toward the ledges, work the bottom a bit and see if the Walleye are hanging around. This stretch is also a good spot to troll a crankbait.

From here, keep working your way around the back of Lonesome Bay(20). It can get pretty thick back in there but WELL worth the trouble. Try buzzbaits through the pads and standing weeds. Don't be afraid to get right in there. Cast against the high weeds and burn them through. Sluggos and scum frogs are a hot ticket too. Work it all the way around to Watch Island.
Any where in mid bay where it starts to drop to 6'-8' of water and the weeds are still present but getting sparse, is a prime spot for a big livebait, big inline spinner, spinnerbait and spoons tipped with a bass strip.

Going to a new lake unarmed can be VERY frustrating. Any prior knowledge can be of great help to cut down search time and make your trip a little more enjoyable.
I hope some of the info you've found here will do just that.


Some fish pics

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