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(lot of pics on this page, so might take awhile to load)

"You can always tell a fisherman, but you can't tell him much." Corey Ford

This camp has changed hands.
It is now
(link)   POURVOIRIE LEBEAU   (link)
The site is in French.

  This lake is located about 90 miles north of Ottawa. It is about 7 miles long, 2 miles wide and being a shield lake, it is gin clear and has a depth of 500+'. Much of the shoreline is abrupt dropoffs of 25+', but has plenty of rocky and deadfall areas.

  Species found in this lake are Smallmouth, Musky, Northern, Lake Trout, Whitefish, Ouananiche(landlocked salmon), and Panfish.

  Petite Lac Du-Cerf and Lac St. Germain are accessable from the main lake through navigable channels. Green Lake is a short walk from the back of Germain as is a small Brook Trout lake.  

Art Botjer
He's been going to the lake for 30+ years.
Learned alot about the fine art of fishing from this guy.
Art has since left us. Fishing will never be the same.

Walleye are available in the Lievre River which is a 10 minute ride from the camps.

  I first went to the lake around 1973 and am glad to say it has been saved from major developement along its shores. It's nice to still be able to fish shorelines at your leisure and not have to contend with the "problems" that sadly occur on so many lakes any more.

  These are some of the camps at the lake.
There are 13 cabins here, 4 of which are lakefront.

  They are clean,comfortable and at the current exchange rate, very reasonable.

  In the years I have been going up, I can honestly say I have never had a bad bunch of neighbors or any major problems with the accomodations.

  The Westers have sold the camps as I mentioned earlier. I did meet the new owners this summer and they seemed to be decent folks. There was no appreciable changes in the running of the camps themselves. Their English is about as good as my French, so it may take awhile to make a reservation, but you will be able to manage it.

  For reservations and more information, the address and phone number for the camps are located at the bottom of this page.

Here's a musky my buddy Dave (Art's son) caught this year.
This is his first musky. 40" & 15 lbs.
Ugly sucker
(you decide which one)


  The entrance to Petite Lac Du-Cerf.

  This lake is around 3 1/2 miles long and a mile or so wide. There is some great smallie action in this lake. It's much shallower than the big lake and when the big blow is on you can always make it over here to fish.

  There are more weedbed areas here for the northern and musky anglers. Big bucktail spinners and spoons dressed with a pork tail are sure to get somethings attention. Jigs are also a great lure for the ole "water wolf".

  The entrance to Lac St. Germain.

  After a half mile trek through the channel, pull your boat(wooden boat)over two beaver dams, and go under the bridge, this is where you end up.

  About a mile long, half mile wide and 90' deep. We usually make this a day trip. You can pretty much have this lake to yourself all day. Not many are willing to make the journey.

  Lots of ledge shoreline and sandbars. The back of the lake is all deadfalls and stumps. Great smallie lake. You can also fish Northern, Musky and Lakers in here.

  Green Lake is a five minute walk from the back of the lake and the Brook Trout lake is mid-way down the lake and up the hill. No shortage of fishing here.

  If you like what you have seen so far and are interested in more info or would like to make reservations, here is the address and phone number. Don't forget to mention Billbo's Page
(Bill Jackson)
when you call.

  Good luck on your trip, Billbo.

(link)   POURVOIRIE LEBEAU   (link)


Again, the Westers no longer own the camp. Follow the above links.