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Anthracite Running Club


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POW-MIA 5K Application
Race Results for the 2005 POW-MIA 5K
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USA Olympic Track & Field Trials
Spartans Cross Country
Distance Running Hall of Fame
Pretzel City Sports
Penn Track & Cross Country
Harrisburg Road Runners Club
Pagoda Pacers
A Running Start
C L Running, Schuylkill County Running
Run for the Diamonds
Panther Valley Running Club
Dr. Pributs Running
Runners Gazette
You Can Run a Marathon
GPS- Global Positioning System
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Thanks for visiting the Anthracite Running Club official web page. We are a running club from Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania and also a member of the Road Runners Club of America. The purpose of this page is to inform runners about upcoming events in Schuylkill County,and to tell you something about Anthracite Running Club. Our club started in 1991 when some runners in our area wanted to start a running club to call ours, I am happy to say most who started from the begining are still with the club. We are a small club and that is fine with us! Our club also prints a newsletter that is sent to all members, so if you have a great race (or not so great) please e-mail us your race times. If you want to become a member of the Anthracite Running Club just e-mail us and we will send you an application. Don't forget anyone interested in running from 12 to 15 miles (or more) our club runs every Sunday morning at 7:30am in St.Clair (please e-mail for directions)All club members and non-club members are welcome.Anthracite Running Club also sponsors an area road race, The POW-MIA 5K held in Schuylkill Haven. We also have a annual summer picnic and christmas party. Please bookmark this page and tell your running friends about this site,also go to our guest book and please sign it! and good luck running and at the races. If you have any questions or comments about our club or our page, e-mail us at the address below.This page was created and maintained by George Kriesher