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These are my Fan Fiction stories. The ones below are written by me. They are purely fiction and if the events that happen in these storys actually happen, than it is only by coincidence. Thank You, Gina

Stories in Progress

The Open Arms Series

BSB: AJ, Brian, Nick

Jealousy and obsession rear their ugly heads and soon someone will be dead.
BSB: AJ, Nick

Something To Sleep To
Destiny. Fate. Soul-mates. Those are things that Abby Sullivan truely believes in. Those are things AJ McLean didn't think exsisted until he met Abby. Abby had her whole future maped out. She always went by a plan. She was never spontanious. Well, until she met AJ.

Completed Stories

Don't Wanna Lose You Now
Gina and AJ. She made him happy and he made her dreams come true. They had a love for each other like no other. But what will AJ do when he finds out something terrible will tear them apart? How will he deal with losing the woman he loves?

More Than That
Two people. One reunion. Old memories come flooding back. What happenes when one night of fun changes thier lives forever?
BSB: Brian

What will happen when two lost lovers cross paths after they haven't seen eachother for two years? Will they be together again?

How Did I Fall In Love With You?
What would you do if you fell in love with your best friend? Would you risk your friendship and act on those feelings? But what if you were in love with another? Would you give up the best realtionship you had to be with someone you've loved for as long as you could remember? What would you do?
BSB: Brian

Older Stories

No One Else Comes Close
BSB: AJ, Nick, Brian, Kevin

If You Knew What I Knew
BSB: AJ, Nick, Brian, Kevin

Abandoned Stories

BSB: AJ, Brian and Kevin

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