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Allegany State Park NY
Some of the all time best Cross Country Ski Trails in the country are located at the Allegany State Park in New York. It's just a few miles north of Bradford Pennsylvania. There are several, very well groomed trails there, of varying degrees of difficulty. Here are some maps and information on the different trails there.

I will post several maps of other X-Country Ski Trails here as I get them.


Map of the various "loops"


Text describing the trails


Area over-all view


Cross Country Skiing on the Allegheny National Forest

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There are miles of trail designated for X-C skiing. The only groomed cross country ski trails on the Allegheny National Forest are Laurel Mill Cross Country Ski Trail (outside of Ridgway), and the access road to Rimrock Overlook (off SR 59 east of Warren), all other trails are not groomed.

Regulations: Trails are clearly marked with blue diamond-shaped markers on trees. The trails are designated as EASIEST (for warmup and new skiers), MORE DIFFICULT (for advanced beginners and intermediate skiers) and MOST DIFFICULT (for experienced skiers). The loops designated more difficult have a few hills and turns. The hills are clearly marked on the map and on the ground. The loops designated most difficult should be attempted by experienced skiers only. Please ski safely and within your limit of control. Ski to the right when approaching other skiers or when being passed by other skiers. TRACK RIGHT!

Forest trails policy prohibits the use of a saddle, pack or draft animals on hiking or cross county ski trails.

Safety: Please remember these safety tips; dress in layers and always wear hats and gloves. Carry extra wax. Ski with a friend, especially at night.

Boil water before consumption is recommended. Be aware that these trails are used by hunters in the spring and fall. It is a good idea to wear fluorescent colored clothing during these periods.

X-Country Ski and Snowshoe Trails    
Cross-country Ski and Snowshoe in Western New York  

Chautauqua & Cattaraugus Counties
1    Peek’n Peak    
2    Westside Overland Trail      
3    Long Point State Park             
4    Allegany State Park (Art Roscoe Ski Area)
5    Allegheny River Valley Trail 

Niagara & Erie Counties
6    Erie County Forest    
7    Erie County Forest — Lot 3    
8    Sprague Brook Park            
9    Emery Park     
10  Tift Nature Preserve
11  Como Lake Park       
12  Walton Woods  
13  Buckhorn Island State Park

Orleans, Genesee & Wyoming Counties
14  Lakeside Beach State Park 
15  Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge  
16  Genesee County Park and Forest    
17  Beaver Meadow Audubon Center 
|18  Bryncliff Resort   

Monroe County
19  Hamlin Beach State Park             
20  Turning Point Park       
21  Durand Eastman Park       
22  Seneca Park    
23  Webster Park 
24  Black Creek Park       
25  Northampton Park       
26  Oatka Creek Park       
27  Quinn Oak Openings              
28  Tinker Nature Park       
29  Genesee Country Nature Center   
30  Powder Mills Park       
31  Mendon Ponds Park — Nature Preserve   
32  Mendon Ponds Park — Glacial Area          
33  Mendon Ponds Park — Race Course         

Livingston, Ontario & Yates Counties
34  Genesee Valley Greenway (Scottsville to Cuylerville)           
35  Letchworth State Park (East of Genesee River)
36  Rattlesnake Hill         
37  Canadice Lake Trail    

38  Cumming Nature Center      
39  Harriet Hollister Spencer Mem. State Recreation Area  
40  Hi Tor Wildlife Management Area      
41  Middlesex Valley Rail Trail   
42  Keuka Lake State Park             
43  Keuka Lake Outlet Trail           

Allegany & Steuben Counties
44  Phillips Creek & Palmers Pond State Forests        
45  Mossy Bank Park       

Cross-Country Skiing Links

Cross-Country Ski Areas Association -   Great resource for all things related to cross-country skiing!

Fischer Skis  Largest ski manufacturer, impressive race results.

Alpina  One stop shopping for cross-country skis, boots, bindings and poles

Atomic Skis   Great skis especially racing and Telemark

Exel Poles and Garmont Boots  World class poles for every type of skiing

Reliable Racing Supply  Great catalogue, distributor for Visu skis

Swix  Wax and ski poles, plus ski clothing and accessories.

The Master Skier   Great magazine, cutting edge fitness articles for cross-country ski racers

Cross-Country Skier Magazine  General interest magazine for where to go, technique, and equipment.

Adirondack Sports and Fitness  Local publication, great columns, timely race results, 4 seasons of sports and fitness

X-C Ski World   Olympic coverage, links to everything else related to cross-country skiing

Yellowstone Track Systems  Cross-country ski trail grooming equipment, especially for snowmobile grooming

American Cross Country Skiers  General information, links to racing, fitness, equipment, etc.


Allegany Outdoors in Allegany NY has Cross Country ski equipment for rent.

John- The links for the shop and studio look great- thank you very much!

our hours are tue12-6,wed-fri 12-8, and sat 10-4.

We have retail ski packages from alpina, madshus,atomic, fischer, rossignol, and karhu. We carry snowshoes from atlas, tubbs, MSR, and crescent moon(handmade in colorado!).


  • touring xc ski package $12 a day/$18 a weekend
  • backcountry xc ski package $18 a day/$24 a weekend
  • telemark ski package $25 a day/$48 a weekend
  • snowshoe (includes poles) $12 a day/$18 a weekend
  • demo skis (retail skis, "try before you buy") $18 a day/$24 a weekend

    we have most of our newer skis for demo, and any renta/demo fee can be applied towards cost of new skis. This goes for snowshoes also.

    that is all, let me know if you have any questions. thanks again John.


  • Here is a handy chart for Cross Country boot size equivilents:

    Alplna Cross Country Boot Sizing Chart
    (US - French Size Conversion)

    2 3 33.0
    3 4 34.3
    4 5 35.5
    5 6 36.8
    6 7 38.1
    7 8 39.4
    8 9 40.6
    9 10 41.9
    10˝ 42.5
    10 11 43.2
    10˝ 11˝ 43.8
    11 12 44.5
    11˝ 12˝ 45.1
    12 13 45.7
    12˝ 13˝ 46.4
    13 14 47.0
    13˝ 14˝ 47.6
    14 15 48.3
    14˝ 15˝ 48.9
    15 16 49.5
    15˝ 16˝ 50.2
    16 17 50.8
    16˝ 17˝ 51.5
    17 18 52.1
    17˝ 18˝ 52.7
    18 19 53.4

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