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Sunday Feb 17th 2019

Our last adventure- a visit to the Gifford Hole Cave in Dana Heights!

The Gifford Hole Cave in Dana Heights

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Vist to a larger cave on Sunday Oct 28th 2018 (invite only)

Cave opening


Cave opening


Jeremy, Nick, Joan, Valarie, And Bill


Looking into the cave opening


The whole gang after dark!


Where we first arrived at the rocks


Layers of sandstone and Iron in the Olean Quartz Conglomerate


The cave near the lunch spot


Ice blocking the passage


At the "Big Cave" (yet unnamed)

Chickey entering the cave


Chickey going down


Nick and Chickey in passage


Nice ice


Ice on walls of cave


Looking back up


Roman and Nick in Savannah's Hole Cave

Looking out of Savannah's Hole


Nick in a tight passage


Roman in the cave


Nick, the first to enter this newly found cave


Jeff, the second one in


Susie having fun!


Just after the "first drop" inside the cave


Nick looking back


Nick below a drop or climb


Jeff in a "room"


"Mystery Scat", most likely "panther"?


Jeff, still "on rope"


Nick "off rope"


Note the humid air


A "cat walk" along the wall?


Quartz Conglomerate Rock


Nick in wide passage


Solid, flat floor


The cave wall is de-laminating


End of the line?


Now THAT is humidity!


Ice on the cave wall


More ice


Narrow passages, not the iron in the cave walls


"Cave Twister"!


Big pebbles


Typical passage


Lot's of Iron!


Ice in the rocks


Dead end passage!


Here is the second cave that Nick went into alone:

Narrow, sloped passage


Light from above


The lower "exit" of cave


The next cave, the "Batsickle Cave"

Jeff enters the Batsickle Cave


Moving sticks


The "Batsickles"


Baseball bat shaped ice stalagmites


Tombstone rock near the Batsickle Cave


Fran's side trip to see a railroad switch and old hotel location

Large boulder near the switch


Another view of boulder


The switch and location of old hotel


Sadie went with Fran


Fran even found a rail road spike!


The creek near the switch


The railroad grade


The Hefner Reservoir spillway and beaver home


John in passageway


Another corridor passageway


Yet another cave entrance


A tall and narrow opening


The holy grail of lunch spots


many nice climbs


Click to enlarge

And Ice fishing shanty


A bunch of "negative tracks"


Fran and Susie on the Inclined Plane


One of the water storage ponds


The sun shining on the way back


The road in to Rim Rock


The Summit Trails at the ASP

A freshly groomed trail with new snow




Sun shining through ice covered trees


Nick on the gorgeous trail through deep snow! PERFECT conditions!


Our trail to Colosimos Rocks

Jeff, Nick, Carla and Porscha ... What a wonderful day!
Nice Ice! The view overhead
Nick made the fire


The giant steps leading up to the Eagles Nest
Porscha looks a little scared after finding the Dead Man guarding the geocache!


The Bottomless Pit before we walk around on the tracks. Note the "dot tracks" in the upper left.

The Bottomless Pit as we left it. We dug down with our gloved hands to the dirt or ground surface. My dog Sadie also "sniffed" around the hole and did not seem to find anything interesting.


The guys in an overhang shelter


On top of the dike


The reservoir dike - The West Corydon Res, AKA the Hefner Reservoir Bradford


Nick and his trappers basket backpack

A typical forest destruction site.
























Near the top of the climb, note the bridge in the background


Although there were trees, you could easily see all the hills across the water


Steeper than it looks


There were animal tracks among the rocks


Al checking elevation.


The elevation on the marker and his GPS eventually "agreed" it was 1936' above sea level


Very fresh coyote tracks


On top of the rocks


Boulders the size of buildings


A typical passage way


Quartz Conglomerate Sandstone rock


Our kitchen area, the small room with the fire. This is Will, Nic's dad


Nic and I on the hike back down


Elevation: GPS-1935' Benchmark-1936'


Top of the rock area


Al on the rocks


The rock area from an aerial photo. Each rock is the size of a house. Note the upper rows of rocks. The corridors between the rocks are 15-20 feet tall or so.


This is the Marilla Reservoir from last Saturday (Jan 5th)


What is a neighborhood crime watch doing in the middle of nowhere (321 south of the Bradford Ranger Station). Are they watching for environmental crimes?


God bless America and the right to paint graffiti!


Amber, Jose, and Megan


The group and I in the "big" cave


Megan about to exit


Amber about to exit


Ice sickles hanging from cave ceiling


Amber and Megan on an American Chestnut "natural" bench


Yellow sickles!


A giant white pine between rock areas (300 years old or older?)


It took three tree huggers to hug this one!


A natural hollowed out canoe! "Let's shoot the rapids"!




The creek scalloped this rock


A waterfalls in this rock


A water stairway in the bedrock


One of many waterfalls on Waterfalls Run


The drop is less steep near the bottom


Two small falls in a row


Lots of white gravel in the creek (from the Quartz Conglomerate)


Amber and Megan


All three gals, Amber, Sadie and Megan


Miss Marilla on Little Marilla Creek


The giant white pine they call the "Tree House Tree" behind the nursing home on Langmaid Lane in Bradford (550 years old?)



The very scenic creek with too many waterfalls to count!


"Bat wing" patterns frozen into this ice


An abandon mill pond (1800's)


The creek makes two 90 degree bends


What kind of grass is this? It's got round hollow leaves


A hollowed out woodpecker tree


"Rebirth" a hemlock stump with a birch tree growing from it


Bigfoot track. It was 16" long and 10" wide with toes. We followed the track for quite a while. We found some better ones that were less melted, but didn't photograph well. Surely these are positive proof of a Bigfoot!


These are just large bear tracks


I'm on one of the first points at the rock area. I'm about 60' up on this narrow ridge


An ice flow from below


Fran against a rock wall


Cave entrances! Can't wait to explore these!


Another cave entrance! This one had a deep water pool in it


A tree the porkies are eating


A free standing boulder


Plenty of passage ways


Yet another walk-in cave


This is more of an animal den, Bobcat?


A passage in the rocks, note the table rock above


This larger walk-in cave entrance had very large cat prints leading into it. The main passage goes to the right. The cat prints were in the snow and the sand (wet) in the cave


There may be many walk-in caves, but most are occupied in this season.


These hollow trees also house bats in the summer


Here is where the rock wall face peters out to just random rocks


Another den cave with animal prints. This may be a bear den


This may be the highest drop, about 80' or so.


There were too many dens and cave openings to count!


Another large rappel or climbing rock


A spring coming from under this rock


Down at the main road in, this is a very old culvert


From Frans camera:


Me! In the mouth of a cave


A view from the top


The creek coming from the rocks


A typical crevice


Fran at the first peak


The railroad spur with ties































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