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Martiny Rocks

Martiny Rocks, Olean NY

Martiny Rocks in Olean NY is a sandstone rock formation, actually it's "Quartz" Conglomerate", one of the largest deposits of "Quartz Conglomerate" in the world. It, and for twenty miles around is called "The Olean Field Quartz Conglomerate". It's also an area that the Glaciers (20 -30 thousand years ago) did NOT push over, or cover.

Quartz conglomerate, to the first timer, looks like concrete. Someone (like a city person) ..... like MYSELF many years ago, may think when seeing it ..."Who the heck would have used ALL this concrete to make this area?"

Just as a "PS-" This area is on private property, but the owner allows public use. For this reason, PLEASE pick up litter (even if it's not yours) and take it back out with you !

Enjoy! ........

NOTE: Martiny Rocks are on private property. Ask permission before hiking to the rocks. Also do not use adjacent private property to reach Martiny Rocks!

On Saturday March 19th we took a small group to Martiny Rocks in Olean NY.

This group was John and Pam Stoneman, Artie, Jamie, Sue, Lisa(?) and Nancy .... Oh, and Sadie the blond lab.

There was snow on the ground that ranged from just a dusting on the roads to waist deep among the rocks! Needless to say the hike UPHILL to the rocks was grueling! On a summers day it takes about 45 minutes to hike up to the rocks from where you park on Geiger Hollow Road (a small parking lot). Although it's just about a quarter mile "as the crow flies" on a map ... it works out to be about a mile or so when you take the trail (a little less steep than a bees line from the car).

We got to the rocks after about an hour or so, and immediately had lunch! There was a fire pit in the sun on the south facing edge of the rocks. There was somewhat of an overhang that we ate under where there was no snow on the ground. It wasn't until we were among the rocks on the north-east side that we encountered waist deep snow! Sometimes we were lucky enough to walk on top of the crust ... but when we DID break through, it was DEEP!

At Martiny Rocks, there are 13 numbered cave openings... but we only found about 9 of them. Some are "tunnel caves" or "through trips" with a number on each end. Some of the caves had a solid ice floor ... and some had ice sickle "stalactites and stalagmites". And some caves had ice flows on the walls, some pretty thick. This is a very beautiful area in the winter. In all my years coming up to these rocks this was my first winter trip .... On the last day of winter incidentally!

We were all beat after the 9 or 10 caves we did (even the dog!) and the hike back down to the car was much faster than the hike up ..... thanks to gravity and wet slippery snow! It warmed up to about 45 in the mid afternoon with mostly sunny skies ...

Here are some pic's:

The group "suiting up", Pam, Jamie, Nancy, Artie, Sue and Lisa


Climbing down into the first cave (after a rope decent)


Pam and Sadie coming out of a short "tunnel"


Pam high above in a cave (note the Quartz Conglomerate rock


Artie and Jamie, exit in background


The "Ice Cave" ...It was quite spectacular ... pictures couldn't do it justice


Some ice columns went from ceiling to floor


An ice formation pulled away from the wall and re-froze ... note all the ice in the back of the cave


Pam and Sadie in cave, note the light from the entrance


Lisa, Artie and Sue in the Ice Cave


Pushing toward the rear of the cave ... there was a small opening of light at the end of the tunnel


This web formation was as thin as a bat's wing! It was also shaped and ribbed like a bat's wing


Artie and Jamie on the top of the rocks ... the town of Allegany in the background


John and Pam .... Note we are wet to above the knees .... made for a very uncomfortable hike down to the cars.


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