Our last visit to this cave was November 18th 2023

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Hermit's Den Cave

The cave is fairly well known. This cave is a small cave, once inhabited by a "hermit". The cave is small, and easily entered. When I first heard of this cave, it was from an "old timer". He said that many years ago, a "hermit" who worked at a nearby logging operation, lived in the cave year round for several years. The caves in this area of the National Forest are all about 52 degrees year round ... so that the "hermit" didn't even need heat! The "old timer" told me, the hermit slept in a hammock that hung from two iron bars imbedded in the cave wall. The iron bars are still there today. His name and a date in Roman numerals are/were still readable outside the cave entrence, but may be covered in moss. I think it was back in the late 1930's or early 1940's that the hermit lived in the cave.
There is also a date from the mid 1800's there!

The cave is easily entered and it's a very safe, soild rock cave. I've been in it many times all different times of the year and never ran into any dangerous animals (bears and/or snakes). There are however a few resident bats. Please do not disturb the bats! Bats are nothing to fear. They are very small, and their mouths (designed for swallowing mosquitos) are recessed into their heads, and they couldn't bite you even if they wanted to. They really DON'T want to bite you, but rather, they are inqusitive, and just "buzz" you, to check you out. They are trying to be friendly! At the most they may brush into you, but it would feel much like a Butterfly.

This cave is very represenative of the tectonic caves in this area.

This is basically a one room cave, although at the back of the cave there is additional passage that goes to the right and left, at right angles to the main room. Just below the rocks, there is a very cold spring.

These pics are from our visit to Hermits Den Cave on November 18th 2023:

You can park here, above the cave

The sink hole entrance

Looking into the cave

The main cave

fairly flat and dry floor

you can see the Hammock hooks in the left hand wall

The ceiling

Very safe

Looking out of the cave

The Main Room of the Cave

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