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... It's all about making bubbles! ... Separating water into Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas ...

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    Hydrogen Oxygen Gas

    Water Power is here!

    Well, let me restate that, I don't mean water power like in a water wheel that ran many local mills in the late 1800's ! I mean separating Hydrogen from Oxygen as in H2O and burning the Hydrogen.  And either "throwing out" the Oxygen or using it to enhance the burning of the Hydrogen.  Since we start with water (H2O) and use the Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas, I call that HOG! Or "Water Power"!

    When we start with plain 'ol water and then "burn" or "implode" it, the Hydrogen (H2) re-bonds with the Oxygen (O) and REFORMS water! We "get back" what we "use"! How cool is that? Don't you wish our cars regenerated the gasoline we burnt? And we got back every drop we used?

    Here is more general information on Hydrogen Oxygen Gas (Click Here).

    Today, I am one of many who is experimenting with different designs and methods to separate water into Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas.

    My plans for this site is to be the most complete website on the internet for Hydrogen Electrolyzers (a devise that separates water into Hydrogen/Oxygen Gas) and related information and resources. It will continue to be a "work in progress". Stay tuned and stop back often ... !

    IF you are one of the many "experimenters" out there and wish to freely share your information on design, operation or even parts sources, please use the contact link below.

    I will try to add pages and information often!


    Any questions or comments:



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    A glass jar containing wires wrapped around pieces of plastic, and filled with baking soda is NOT a suitable Hydrogen Electrolyzer! Please read my page on electrolytes to understand why using Baking Soda is a bad idea. And study the photo above to see the end result of using one of these jar/wire/Baking Soda units as an electrolyzer.


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    My own design that I use as a teaching or demonstration aid.

    This one was done just as a joke!

    Here is our Hydrogen Oxygen Gas (HOG) 4th of July environmentally friendly "fireworks" display!

    Here it is! The Super Snake 1 !

    Click for more information!

    © 1999-2008 JVS
    And thanks to Homer Simpson!