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What to bring on a cave trip

Cave equipment:

What you would need, besides your usual cold (or warm) weather clothing, would be a "suit" to wear over your "regular clothes" in the cave. We often have to crawl through mud and various animal feces. You will also need a helmet, gloves, knee pads, and two light sources. Bring your climbing harness if you have one, and if the cave requires one. We sometimes have some extra equipment (helmets, lights, kneepads, harnesses, etc.) if needed, but check with us for availability. Keep in mind , everything that goes into the cave gets wet and dirty!
Also: You might want to bring an extra change of clothes. Bring your own food, and enough to drink for the whole day. Gage your food and drink by the length of the trip. EVERYBODY gets hungry on these trips! And most important bring ... A hearty spirit!

Note:You might be expected to help carry group gear. We often have more gear than what we can carry to the location and expect everybody to be fair in helping carry, since we carry gear, equipment and sometimes food that we all share.


  • Warm clothes (the caves are 52 degrees)
  • One piece "jumpsuit" (we may have some to loan)
  • FOOD!(a sandwich, snacks or on some trips, cooked food)
  • Camera (with flash and extra batteries)
  • Gloves (any kind of work gloves for the cave)
  • Extra Socks! ...And/or a change of shoes (our feet always get wet)
  • Water (or whatever you are drinking, we drink a lot hiking in)
  • Sturdy boots or shoes (for in and out of the cave)
  • Helmet (MUST be worn in the cave)
  • Climbing Harness (if you have one)
  • Two light sources (flashlights) with spare batteries
  • Tarp for sitting on
  • Good sturdy backpack, and/or gym or duffel bag(s)
  • Smaller waterproof bag (pull behind) for inside the cave
  • Knee pads (any type- roller blading, flooring)
  • Binoculars (if you want to explore)
  • Walkie-Talkie (if you venture from the group exploring?)

  • E-mail me to be on the "invite" list. I will send out an e-mail announcing each trip.

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