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Because of the carvings and plaque on the wall of the open shelter cave, this area has become known as "Colosimo's Rocks". Besides the open overhang "cave" (facing East, away from the prevailing westerly winds), there is also a more closed in, shelter cave.

The whole rock area is smaller, and easy to climb. There is also an inscription on the very top of the rock pile of a cross with the words "Say A Prayer" around it.

The rock area


Wall carvings


Inside the overhang cave


The benches and fire place


The Plaque reads, and I quote:

"While hunting in this area many years ago - A bad wind came up followed by a heavy rain. A hunter took shelter under this rock. Since that time a fireplace was built at the north end of this shelter. Stolen from this area was one fireplace grate cut up dry dead wood and a plaque mounted on this wall. For 37 years the place was kept clean and neat the way the creator made it. Why can't we all be good sportsman and respect the rights of others and preserve what we have so we will never regret the price we have paid for neglect and destruction. A cold, wet, tired person could take refuge here. Don't throw litter around the landscape or we could lose this place. Return what was stolen. If I did such a thing my conscience would bother me *Do unto others as you would want done onto you* "

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