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Bogus Rocks

Bogus Rocks!
The area is off Rt. 66 just south of Kane Pa.

Bogus Rocks was named so for some old time counterfeiters that once lived there.

Here is a letter exchange with Christopher S. from the Warren County Recreation Dept.:

Bogus Rocks - named because there was a family from Ohio printing fake money (bogus), or counterfeiting in the early 1900's.

Levi Epstien peddled clothing and shoes from Sheffield to Clarion. He was actually selling to the counterfeiting family, when the Department of Revenue raided the Rocks!

This is really an interesting subject, unfortunately a Mr.. (John?) Burns, from Barnes who grew up in Brookston and spent his life working the old TV Railroad that ran up the valley, passed away. He was an authority on the Rocks, and knew all of the history of the families involved. I spoke with his nephew and got this story:

"Well after the Civil war, the government raided a rock outcropping (Bogus Rocks)where a family/gang of counterfeiters was holed up. One of the gang members was shot and killed during the raid, and ensuing gun fight. There is a long flat stone that hangs over with a flat wall below it, underneath it all a stone sticks out maybe a foot. This small rock has the name of the family (Hopkins or Hoffman?)carved into it. The side closest to the RR Tracks may contain a cave entrance."

I have been told the head of the "gang" was a woman they called "Maw".

I spoke with several people today about this subject. Dick C. told the story from the perspective of the traveling salesmen that happened to be there during the raid., Bob B. told it from his uncle's research.

I would encourage you to call Tom C., I would bet he would have plenty to tell about possible locations of caves, Bogus Rocks and maybe even some Indian burial ground/caves. He grew up in Barnes(the jewel of the Allegheny National Forest), he comes from a sturdy stock of old oil lease men and stump jumpers. If you mentioned your thoughtful and respectful approach he may share some information with you or point you in the right direction.

There have been different rumors over the years about hidden press plates and the gun fight that occurred. At least to enough to attract people searching out those plates.

Christopher S.

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