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Bigfoot in The Pennsylvania Wilds!


OMG! Saturday, as part of the Kinzua Bridge festival they held a "Bigfoot calling contest". I'm not really a believer of Bigfoot, and was busy Saturday, so I did not attend.

But my girlfriend and I did attend the Bridge festival on Sunday Afternoon. As we were headed back to Bradford in the late afternoon, I got a glimpse of what looked like two large, dark silhouettes in the forest.

I was able to stop the car and get the following amazing photos! They seemed to be heading in the direction of the Kinzua Bridge .... in the direction of the Bigfoot calls the day before!

The larger one seemed to be about 6 1/2- 7 feet tall and the second one was about 5 1/2- 6 feet tall.

We were not sure WHAT they were, but we were both certain they were NOT two bears walking on their rear legs!

Like I said before, before this sighting, I never believed in Bigfoot. I'm still not sure what we saw.

I'll let these photos speak for themselves!

The photos were not altered in any way at all besides me shrinking them to fit on the page, and adding text to the very first one.

Additional comments:

Somebody suggested it might be two people in a ghillie suit. It would be VERY dangerous for ANYBODY to go through the woods in McKean county in a ghillie suit.

There are many people who would shoot at a bigfoot. Just to be the first in the world to shoot one.

These two "creatures" seemed to be a dark black, and the texture, as you can see in the photos, seems to be more of a "matted fur or hair", rather than a mesh net woven with camo or dark green material. I've seen enough ghillie suits to know what they look like.

And the taller one was about 7 foot tall and quite hefty.

Also somebody suggested these might be bears. These were defiantly not bears! I have never seen a bear walk any distance through the woods on their hind legs. Neither of these would fit the silhouette of a bear on his hind legs. They both had more of a "human body" shape, only much bigger.

Look closely at the last photo where it was turned and walking away from me. You can clearly see it is long hair or fur.

Next somebody asked why I didn't go and get closer photos! Of course! I should have ran right up to them for close ups! Why didn't I think of that?

Actually all these shots were taken from the road. And from the safety of our car. Although they were big enough to crush the little Prius I was in!

I would have taken a close up of their faces had I gotten close enough.

You can see from my first photo how far away we were from them. I'm guessing about 200 yards or so?

I believe in photos 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 they are facing us. In photos 9 and 10 they are turned away.

Before seeing these I never believed in Bigfoot. And I thought the "Bigfoot Calling Contest" was somewhat funny, or that it was "tongue-in-cheek". UNTIL I saw this pair in the woods!

Somebody asked me for more detail, so here is as truthful and accurate a description of our "encounter" that I can come up with. I'll choose my words carefully.

As I stated, there was a "Bigfoot Calling Contest" at the Kinzua Bridge Festival on Saturday September 21st 2013 in the afternoon (3pm perhaps?).

On Sunday September 22nd, my girlfriend and I were leaving the Kinzua Bridge State Park at approximately 4:30 PM.

We were driving north (not sure of the road name) on the road that passes the park. About 4 or 5 miles north, I spotted out of the corner of my eye, something dark in the woods that looked like the shape of a "bigfoot or yeti".

Then I stopped the car in the road. I then determined there were two "creatures". One larger and one a bit smaller. I took photos out of the window, and slowly advanced the car forward for a better view through the trees and some brush along the road.

At first they seemed to be moving toward us, and then they appeared to turn and head away at a slow pace.

There were two distinct creatures and the space between them varied at times, but one appeared to follow the other.

We were on a narrow road and there was no shoulder or the shoulder was wet and soft, and we could not pull off. Soon there was too much brush and trees between us and the "creatures".

There were more cars trying to pass us, so we finally drove off and headed home.

I am not one who would believe in Bigfoot or Yeti's. I only believe what I see or can prove. I am not sure to this day what I saw there in the woods. They were very dark. I would say black. And it appeared it was long hair. I'm sure they were not black bears walking on their hind legs. They never seemed wobbly or unstable.

Sombody asked if I saw any tracks around the spot. No, the reason is, it was in a tall open woods with a leaf/moss ground cover and nothing would leave tracks in that. And, I'll leave that for the "experts" trained in Bigfoot research.

It's like this. I see reporting Bigfoot sitings just like those who report seeing UFO's.

One might say they saw a "UFO" if they have reason to believe what they saw was not an airplane, helicopter, hot air balloon, or a dirigible.

What they saw MAY actually have been something man made, but they just can't identify it as such.

Having said that, what I saw was two dark "creatures" that seemed to move slowly. They could have been many things *living or otherwise*, besides a Bigfoot. Who knows. All I can say is I have no idea what they were and they *looked similar to* a Bigfoot or Yeti.

My title "calling bigfoot really works" was somewhat tongue-in-cheek since 1. I'm not entirely sure they were bigfoots, and 2. I'm not sure they were responding to the calls the day before.

When I saw them last, they did appear to be walking toward the Kinzua Bridge State Park where the Bigfoot calling contest was held. Hence, the name of this thread. They were still 4 or 5 miles away and who knows how far bigfoots can hear?

I simply showed photos I took and told what they looked like to me. I don't really want to be associated with everybody who has seen a bigfoot, if you get my drift!

Who knows. They MAY have been a couple dumb guys in Bigfoot suits for all I know.

I guess my advice to anybody who would shoot at a Bigfoot, would be to shoot them in the a$$ so as not to kill them, just in-case they are humans in Bigfoot suits!

"I'm no Big Foot!"

Here is a bear track that looks somewhat "Bigfoot-ish" I took

Oct 22, 2007

This summer I was returning from a Zoar hike with some friends. I was the passenger in the front seat.

Up ahead what looked like a very strange animal crossed the road. It was very large, but skinny.

It was the biggest bear I ever saw in my life, in terms of length or height as it was walking, BUT there was nothing where you would expect to see the belly! It was a big lanky, skinny bear with "no body".

It was just a very skinny frame, it did in fact resemble a primate walking on all fours.

I DID have my camera on my lap and DID get some photos.

It WAS definitely a black bear, a very large one that did look like anything BUT a black bear!

This was a very "skinny bear" but in this photo, it's in a full trot and it's legs are crossed making it look more "normal"

This past week when my friend was camping in the Sugar Bay area, she reported that she and several of the campers with her saw what she said was "your same skinny bear".

It was down the hill from the Indian Run Rocks I hiked to last week and photographed large piles of what we called bear scat, but were closer in size to Elephant droppings. I insisted they were made by elephants, but those with me didn't see any elephants around and doubt there are elephants out there. Someone suggested it was Big Foot, Sash quash or Yeti dung!

This is likely Mountain Lion Scat

This is Elephant, Rhino or Big Foot!

This too must be either Big Foot or an Elephant or Rhino!

This is very strange, but still sorta explainable.

BUT it is on the verge of unbelievable.

I'll go on record calling it a freakishly skinny large black bear. I hate to say it's a bear with mange, because the one I saw was very large, had a giant head, but had all it's fur and looked healthy to me. Bears with mange are more lethargic and missing fur.

Bear or Big Foot? You tell me!

JAN 22 2008

Here is a photo of a "bigfoot" that appeared on the internet on Jan22 taken in the Sugar Run area. The poster named the photo "bigfoot", but it does appear to have a bear like head to me.

One I took in the Marilla area:

Almost human!


I've been researching Bigfoot, yeti, strange animal, strange beast, and unknown creature stories in old newspaper articles dating back to the early 1800's. Here is an interesting one I found in Smethport in the McKean Democrat from Nov 20, 1921.

It's a first hand story from a guy who witnessed this very strange beast in Crosby Pa. It's a little south and east of our area, but the beast flys and can presumably cover a wide area. The beast was known as the terror of Pa Woodsman and just the near mention of a Maltail sent anybody who heard of it fleeing the area.

Notice today nobody moved away when hearing about the Bigfoot near Red Bridge!

You can save this to your computer and blow it up to decipher for yourselves!

If you use this elsewhere, give me the credit for doing the research!

Here is the transcription from the above scanned article:

The McKean Democrat Nov 20th 1921

This morning as Jack Mckain, a woodcutter, who lives in a lonely cabin near this place, was about to rise, he was startled by the sudden appearance through the outside door of an adjoining room, of an animal or bird, the likes of which was never before seen in this locality. At first Mr. Mckain thought the strange beast was a wild turkey which had come to grace his thanksgiving festive board, but close examination revealed the fact that while the bird or beast wore turkey plumage and walked upright it was really a four footed creature. It walked on its hind feet and appeared to use its front feet or claws much in a manner that a person would use their hands. In fact the mode in which the beast traveled was similar to that of a kangaroo. Prints of the animal's feet on the soft ground outside indicated that its feet comprised four claws, which resembled the print of a chicken's foot.

Mr Mckain thinking that discretion would be the better part of valor, remained perfectly quiet and did not disturb the beast, which after prowling around the room located a bowl of mush and milk on a table, which it devoured, and then, growling savagely, walked out through the door and proceeding for a short distance on all four feet, flew into the nearby woods.

Mr McKain is of the opinion that the strange beast is a survivor of the maltail specie, once the terror of woodsman of the Pennsylvania forests but now practically extinct.

At any event, the appearance of the bird, be it either maltail or kanga-rooster, has greatly alarmed the populace of McKain's slashing and they are fleeing madly from the scene.



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