Misc Pictures

These pictures were taken off of the JOTB command CD. If you would like the CDs or the command video click here.

Building 30 At Fort Sherman

This building was our barracks from March 1995 until October 1997. The Company was preparing to move from Fort Davis to the Pacific side, but they still needed to support the Jungle Operations Training Battalion so the command of the 1097th tasked SGT Gordon (Lobo Frio) Folk and Sgt Sean Kelly to find a building to serve as a barracks facility for the personnel tasked to JOTB. Within a few hours of arriving at Fort Sherman, Building 30 was appropriated, don't ask how.

The LCM Pier At Fort Sherman

LCM beached in front of the Boat House

LCM Off loading passengers and vehicles at Task Force Blue

LCM retracting from Task Force Blue with PVT Heath Mc Manama on the starboard bow

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Fort Sherman Zoo entrance. This Picture was contributed by Larry Easter.