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Colonial Panama, Pictures And Information

This came from Joe Duvall's Zonian page

20 Feb 2009 - I have been meaning to make an update on the site for awhile but just never seemed to find the time. I have retired from the Army since Oct 2008. I am working for a company called EDS which runs the intranet system for the entire Navy and Marine Corps. Libidia and I are still trying for a baby. Makayla is in the accelerated learning program in the 5th grade. Both Libidia and I are working full time and plan on staying in the Newport News area of Virginia until Makayla graduates from High School and after that we are thinking of moving to Wyoming. After a family vacation in Yellowstone in 2007 we both fell in love with the climate there. I guess that is all for now.


If you reach a dead link or typo drop me an e-mail. Remember I can't fix it if I don't know it's broken. Thanks for visiting and tell your friends. Have a cool day. Ciao!

San Lorenzo 2003 Part 1 NEW 17 September 2003
San Lorenzo 2003 Part 2 NEW 17 September 2003
Panoramic Pictures UPDATED 17 September 2003
2003 San Geronimo NEW 1 September 2003
2003 Panama Viejo NEW 1 September 2003
2003 Customs Building NEW 1 September 2003
2003 San Fernando Upper Level NEW 31 Aug 2003
2003 San Fernando Middle Level NEW 31 Aug 2003
2003 San Fernando Lower Level NEW 31 Aug 2003
Pictures Of El Morro In Havana Cuba
Castillo San Lorenzo Pictures FIXED 1 September 2003
Panama Viejo
NEW Fort San Fernando With Thumbnails FIXED 31 August 2003
Fort Santiago With Thumbnails 3 November 1999
Fort San Geronimo
Portobelo Customs Building And The Slave Pen
Vasco Nunez De Balboa
Castillo Del Oro
Sir Francis Drake In Panama
John Oxenham
Sir Henry Morgan, Portobelo
Sir Henry Morgan, Panama Viejo
John Cox & Company
List Of Shipwrecks Off Panama
Here's A Bio On Me
Links to other sites on Panama
Quotes I have decided to include on my site

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