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21 July 2001, I also ammended the history to signify that the unit is in fact, Inactivated. Lastly, I finally decided to get off my butt and dfo something with this page. All of the douuments are back. 9 July 2000, my e-mail address has changed to: Instead of trying to go through the thousands of pages that I may or may not have put a "mailto" in I have just changed the ones that I remembered had a "mailto." I am in the process of getting with the Transportation Corps Historian about other documentation on the 1097th, especially pre and post Vietman until the move to Panama. The music selection for this page starts slow for the first 45 seconds or so but it's a pretty good jam. Unfortunately none of the links have a link back to this page they only have a link back to the main page. This will change someday but not very soon. Enjoy!

Just Cause Documents From Don Walters NEW 3 March 2000

The LCM-8 Users Guide

History of the 1097th

Vietman 20 September 1967
Vietman 4 August 1967
1097th in Vietnam
1097th in Vietman Part 2
Doub Brown's Vietnam Clippings UP AND RUNNING 2 JULY 2004

2LT John Crewshaw and his accounts of before during and after the move to Panama in 1976
John Crenshaw's Preface
John Crenshaw's Section I
John Crenshaw's Section II
John Crenshaw's Section III
John Crenshaw's Section IV
John Crenshaw's Section V
John Crenshaw's Section VI

1986 Soviet Vessel Incident Report

The 1097th Involvement in Operation Just Cause

Soldiers Magazine June 1997: Boat Platoon, Panama WORKING AGAIN

Soldiers Magazine July 1999: Adios Panama (has several different articles) WORKING AGAIN

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