6 January 1978


This historical narrative covers the 1097th Trans Co (MB) from 4 June 1976 at Fort Eustis, Virginia to 31 December 1977 at Fort Davis, Canal Zone, Panama. It hoped that this brief summation will record for future readers an idea and perspective on the ordeals endured. An apology is in order for many instances of shoddy or skimpy treatment of far more deserving material. A further apology is necessary for actual happenings for actually omitting in total many other noteworthy happenings.

A plea for understanding must also be expressed because of the bias involved in composing this work. It is definitely pre-1097th, but an honorable attempt has been made to spotlight the bad with the good. The unit has in fact made many mistakes, some of which were totally inexcusable. But far too much good has been accomplished which simply stated, completely overwhelms the bad.

The main body of this work has been broken down into five different sections. The first was composed was composed around 4 December 1976, the second around 5 May 1977, the third around 9 August 1977, the fourth around 28 August 1977 and the last around 31 December 1977. Because of this ambiguous and contradictory statements and situations are sometimes implied which may lead to some varying amounts of confusion. It has been decided however, to keep each segment in its original format as opposed to attempting a slick editing for reasons of orderly update.

It is sincerely hoped that this paper will have hidden within it, some concrete value which may prove beneficial to others who are unfortunate enough to become a member of the unit.



John T, Crenshaw, Jr.


1097th Trans Co (MB)