4 August 1967

Subject: 1097th Transportation Company (MB) Support Plan For the 3rd Battalion, 34th Artillery

To: Commanding Officer, 3/34th Artillery, APO 96372

  1. The following recommendations are submitted for consideration for a support plan for the direct support mission of the 3rd Battalion, 34th Artillery, by the 1097th Transportation Company (MB).
  2. It is my intention that for the 1097th Transportation Company (MB) to accomplish its direct support mission, with the 3rd Battalion, 34th Artillery, it needs to become completely water mobile, including maintenance facilities.
  3. This unit can become completely mobile, using the plan below:

  1. A maintenance barge is being constructed which will be able to accompany my unit. It will be maneuvered by LCM-8s, and it is recommended that it be anchored off the port or starboard side of one of the Navy maintenance LSTs.
  2. This maintenance will be constructed in accordance with the attached diagram (see enclosure 1).
  3. My orderly room will be located on the barge and I will be able to handle all my administrative work, without any difficulty. My communications section will have complete communication with all my vessels and also, using my AM series radios, I will have control of my rear detachment at Dong Tam.
  4. I am authorized to do 2nd Echelon Maintenance, however, with this maintenance barge, I will have the capacity to perform 3rd and 4th Echelon Maintenance. I will use my Damage Control Vessel (DCV). Which is equipped with a welder and water pump, to handle all my 2nd Echelon Maintenance, at the Fire Support Base (FSB).

  1. I will leave only my Headquarters Platoon, under the command of an Officer and my First Sergeant, at Dong Tam. I will use a Field First Sergeant at my location. The following elements will be left behind:

  1. 567th Detachment this unit will handle all off-loading and back-loading of the LCUs at Dong Tam.
  2. Supply Personnel.
  3. Guards.
  4. Cooks.
  5. Motor Pool Personnel.
  6. Orderly Room Personnel

  1. I will also leave one LCM-8 in Dong Tam, to maneuver barges in the harbor for my stevedore operations and for the trash run and APC runs for Dong Tam and Task Force Funston respectively.
  2. With the Navy Task Force 117, I will have fifteen LCM-8s and the following elements:

  1. 1st Platoon this platoon will utilize nine LCM-8s to maneuver the 3rd.34th Artillery Barges.
  2. 2nd Platoon this platoon will utilize five LCM-8s to maneuver the helicopter barges and the 4.2 mortar barges. It will tie up to the maintenance barge and can be utilized by the 2nd Brigade, 9th Infantry Division to haul POW and resupply missions.
  3. Maintenance Platoon this platoon will utilize one LCM-8, the DCV, to perform 2nd Echelon Maintenance, at the FSB.

  1. I will be able to command my unit without any difficulties, under this concept. Also I will be able to coordinate and handle the movement of my vessels to all new fire positions.
  2. The following are problem areas that need to be alleviated:

  1. Shortage of LCM-8s I am authorized nineteen LCM-8s. At the present time, I have only sixteen LCM-8s. Since my unit acquired the mission of supporting the 3rd/34th Artillery, on the 9th of July 1967, we have been able to keep 90% of my LCM-8s operational. I do not feel that this can be achieved continuously, due to that maintenance factor and characteristics of my over-age vessels. I am in great need of three more LCM-8s, to insure the accomplishment of my mission.
  2. Class I my unit will have approximately 140 men under this mobile concept that will need to be fed.
  3. Sleeping Quarters I will be able to quarter all my men on my vessels and maintenance barge, however, we will need to utilize the building sleeping space we were allocated by the N-4.

  1. I am prepared to brief anyone on this plan. I would like to present this mobile concept of the 1097th to the 2nd Brigade, 9th Infantry Division Commanding Officer, at his convenience. I will be able to clarify my plans and answer all questions.
  2. This proposal has been approved by my Battalion Commander, LTC Pence, of the 511th Transportation Battalion.


William G. Pagonis

Captain, TC