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Northampton Senior High School Orchestra HomePage!

This page is currently under construction, please come back soon!

Full Orchestra

String Chamber Orchestra

String Orchestra(grades 7-12)


Our annual spring concert is coming up quickly, so don't forget to attend! This concert promises to be even more exciting and spectacular than the last one. If you would like more info on this concert, or ticket prices, please e-mail The date of the concert is May 13th, 2000, at Northampton Senior High School at 7:30 p.m. Hope to see you there!

We would also like to thank Mrs. Dennison, Mrs. Figanmese and Mrs. Longley for their support of our group, we really appreciate it! This year, we are off to our annual competition, only this time it is in Virginia Beach. I'll keep you posted on the trophies we win! (Hopefully all superiors like last year)Our music department at Northampton Senior High School is incredible, and with the support of parents, kids, and the community, we will continue to play and grow in our musical careers. Thank you for visiting this page! Come back and visit us again soon!


The Northampton Senior High School Orchestra, chamber orchestra, combined string orchestra, and the Northampton Junior High Orchestra have all been featured on our new CD recording. Recently, AMP Recording came to our school, and we cut a CD as a fund raiser. The CD sounds really awesome, so if you'd like to buy one to help support us, they are $15.00 and can be ordered from Jess at, or you can pick one up at the spring concert. Thanks!


Tyler Zimmerman
Jon Reimer
John Hydro
Chrissy Krupa
Sheri Bishop
Christine Dennison
Elizabeth Young
April Meyer
Ayse Figanmese
Jessica Mann
Roxy Gougher
Kristen Mery
Ronald Troxell

Jamie Meyer(section leader)
Lindsay Makos
Adam Grube
Jamie Cortazzo
Liza Stankowski
Jon Reimer

Adam Dawson
Melissa Longley
Katie Hoyle
Jeremy Zimmerman

Vicky Mitchell
Nicole Betz
Adrienne Wirth
Elizabeth Eyer
Allison Wanamaker

Bob Carpency

Danielle Fentiman
Matt MacArthur
Danielle Hebrock
Jessica Fulmer
Shawna Fink(bass clarinet)

Jason Smith(section leader)
Josh O'Dor

Angela Mitchell

Brian Bowers

Travis Stahler

Justin Schneck
Becky Polles
Terry Glass
Bobby Siegfried
Troy Laughlin

Bobby Siegfried

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