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Richard Kyle has published a website of his maternal lines, click here.

Much of the information on this site has come from Patty McGinty and Richard Kyle, it is not to be used for commercial purposes including submitting it to a commercial or any other websites without written permission.
The Kile/Kyle Family
Welcome to The Kile/Kyle Families website.

   I have started with my great grandfather John Wesley Kile.  His mother was Mary "Polly" Dyches and her father was Josiah Dyches.  Elizabeth Jane Bass, my great grandmother was the granddaughter of William C. Dyches,  the daughter of Jerusha Jane Dyches and the great granddaughter of Josiah Dyches.  I am currently working on the Jacob Kile/Kyle line which includes David Poole, who married Parnesee Jacob Kile/Kyle in Williamson County, Texas in 1879.  Richard Kyle and Patty McGinty have been very helpful and shared much of the information I have on this site.  My thanks to them for all the help and support.  Richard has published the genealogy of his Harris family.  Please, take a look at the photos on this site we have at least one unidentified couple--we now believe that this couple is the daughter of Jacob Kile-Parnessee Jacob Kile and David Poole, her husband.  This belief is based on a comparsion with an older photo of them.
  I have started adding the McQueen side of the family.  My grandmother Ulala Mahala McQueen's family.  She became a Kile when she married my grandfather Luther Austin Kile.  One of my grandmother's cousins, Alice Melvina McQueen, daughter of Daniel M. McQueen, married Robert Lee Duggins, the son of Elizabeth Jane Bass.

Here are a few of the surnames included in this site:

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      *Diana Morse has created a website with the Morse family genealogy and photos.
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