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People of The DawnLand

Welcome to this Native American web page. I plan to give information about the Penobscot Native Americans. I am part Penobscot, and I have a great grandfather who was a full blooded Penobscot. He was also a Penobscot chief. I hope that you will find this web page interesting.

The Abenaki

Before Europeans arrived, the Abenaki homeland covered most of Northern New England, from the Atlantic Coast in Maine to Lake Champlain, where the lakes divided the boundary between the lands of the Abenaki and the Iroquois. Their name means "people of the Dawnland," refers to their nearness to the sun. Each day the sun gave its first rays on the land of the Abenaki before continuing its journet west.

The eastern Abenaki included bands that were named by the names of the rivers that they settled on. These groups include the Penobscot, Androscoggin, and Wawenock. In 1988 the most famous of these bands were the Penobscot, which consisted about 2,000 members.


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