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Christi Clark (Carrie Reed)

Christi Clark was born in Orange County, California on March 3, 1974. Her father is Craig, mother is Kathy, and siblings are Kevin and Katin.

Christi's first TV appearence was on a Mattel commercial. Her other TV credits are Hull High, Ask Max, General Hospital, Life Goes On, and Danielle Steeles TV movie Changes.

Some of her movies include Nightmare in Elm Street (part ii) and Children of the Corn (part ii)

Clark started her career on Days in 1984. She departed from the show in December of 1990, but came back in November of 1992.

Right now she lives with her two cats, Tink and Leah and her dog Mr. Blond. A few of her hobbies include snowboarding and kick boxing.

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