DeHaven Background

To quote my cousin, Melissa, "Most of the information for generations 1-5 comes from a typed manuscript by a Miss Helen Wright, whose unpublished history of the DeHaven family included Irene D.S. Conard's notes. These provided the connecting link between the earliest ancestor known to us (generation 6) and the generations preceding him. The family name Rhoads has appeared in at least one descendant's name in our family for nearly every generation within living memory. The Conard references to a John DeHaven (generation 5) married to Sarah Rhoads, daughter of Abraham Rhoads, and mother of Abraham Rhoads DeHaven, is the missing link. I believe that these are the source of the biblical Abraham and Sarah about which Aunt Sissy [Ellen Mae DeHaven] and my grandmother [Edna Mae Smith DeHaven] used to talk."

"The Eugene P. [Pyett] DeHaven family Bible, currently in the possession of your grandmother and my cousin [Ida Marion DeHaven Edgerton], is the source for names and dates for generations 6-10. I have found discrepancies between various sources, so I realize that these charts are definitely a work in progress.

"The first chart lists those people whom I believe to be our direct ancestors, and their spouses and parents-in-law. Also included is any information regarding their place of residence. As you can see, I believe that we are descended through the first Peter and his third son, John.

"The second chart lists all siblings that I have found mentioned in relation to our direct line. Here is where I have run into the most problems and the repetition of same first names, generation after generation, in collateral lines, can be quite confusing.

"The blood may seem to get a little thin through all these generations, but we have a double hit, so to speak, because we are descended from the first Peter through his daughter, Magdalena (Modlin). From a Supplee family history, I have found that Magdalena DeHaven married Hans Supplee. Their daughter, Deborah, married Christopher Zimmerman. Their daughter, Magdalena Zimmerman (October 24, 1764 - November 25, 1819) married David DeHaven (1748 - February 15, 1815), descendant of the first Peter DeHaven. These folks form the 4th generation on my chart. Generation 5 consists of the John DeHaven that married Sarah Rhoads, and generation 6 is Abraham Rhoads DeHaven who marries Elizabeth Pyett.

"The third chart shows the descendants of A. Rhoads DeHaven and Ellen Anderson, who are our immediate ancestors."

I have created a fourth chart giving sketchy information on collateral ancestral lines where they connect with the DeHavens; this is bare bones stuff, but I'm fleshing it out as I can. Trying to figure out who's who in this tangle can be really tricky. I've used the most common form of Evert and Elizabeth's names, but the variations are astounding. Evert can be Evart, Eberhart, Eberhardt. Elizabeth might be Liesbiet. I've seen his last name spelled Inden Hoffen, In den Hoff, In dehove, ten Hoeven, In Haeven, In den Hoffen, DeHaven, Im Hoffin, Endehoven, Inderhoffin, Inderhoevin, Dehaven and de Hoff. His wife is a little better, but still pretty maddening: Schipboúwer, Schibbauer, Schippboucher, Shibauers. The younger generations improve slowly until they stick with DeHaven, although even today there is argument over capitalizing the "H". (My family has always done so.) There are other names that undergo changes, such as Souplis becoming Supplee and Zimmerman morphing into Timmerman at times. Spelling was sometimes a "by guess and by golly" thing then, and many people were illiterate. If you didn't know how to spell your name, how could you quibble with a clerk who took a guess? Sometimes READING them was open to interpretation, too. First names seem to change willy-nilly, as well: Harmon becomes Herman, Modlin changes to Magdalena, Hans can be Hance, etc. Wherever there are variations, I have tried to stick with the most common usage and may give a variation if there aren't too many. These tend to lessen as we come forward in time, which is probably a testament to education and literacy.

Chart 1

1) Evert (or Eberhart/Evart) In den Hoffen (b. 1650 d. March 4, 1728)... m. 1675 Elizabeth Schipboúwer (or Shipbouwer/Schibbauers)

Arrives from Mühlheim on Ruhr, Westphalia, 1698. Buys 540 acres on Skippack Road and is naturalized in 1706 under the name In den Hoff. Various other spellings of his name are In dehove, Ten Hoeven (1710) and In Haeven. Children PETER, Gerhard, Herman, Annecke.

2) Peter P. DeHaven (b. December 3, 1685 - d. 1768) ... m. 1711 Sidonia Levering (April 23, 1691-1742), daughter of Wigard (or Weichert) Levering and Magdalena (or Mary Magdalena) Boker [Boekers]. Children Edward (b. 1712), William (b. 1714), Modlin [Magdelena] (b. November 25,1716), JOHN (b. 1714), Peter (b. 1722, married Sarah Hughes, son Hugh), Elizabeth (b. 1723, d. October 19, 1808), Samuel (b. March 8, 1724), Gerhard, Mary, Jacob. After Sidonia's death, he married a widow named Elizabeth McNulty; their children were John and Abraham. Both must have been born after 1747 and died after 1768, since they were living at the time of their father's death and were listed as minors in his Will of 1767. Per Earl DeHaven, "The only lead that we have as to their whereabouts is a new article in 1868, a little less than a month before Peter's death, offering a 40 shilling reward for the capture and return of an Abraham DeHaven, about 19, run away from his master. They thought that he might have gone to join his brother who was working for a Mr. Penrose on an island south of Philadelphia (Penrose Island, Passyunk Twp., 4 miles south of Phila.)" Buried at Boehm's Reformed Church; lived in Whitpain Township, Blue Bell, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

3) John DeHaven (1714-January 5, 1812) ... m. 1743 Elizabeth Potts (1722-1806), daughter of Thomas "Welcome" Potts and Rachel James. Children DAVID and Lydia.

Lived in Blue Bell on Skippack Road in Whitpain Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

4) David DeHaven (1748-February 15, 1815) ... m. 1763 Magdalena Zimmerman (October 24, 1764-November 25, 1819), daughter of Jacob Zimmerman (March 18, 1730-March 5, 1815) and Elizabeth Supplee. Children JOHN, Isaac and Rachel.

Lived in Blue Bell on Skippack Road in Whitpain Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

5) John DeHaven (11/13/1787-1843) ... m. Sarah Rhoads, daughter of Abraham [August 15, 1764-1827] and Elizabeth Rhoads. Children ABRAHAM RHOADS, Job Zimmerman and Mary Ann Matilda.

Lived in Blue Bell on Skippack Road in Whitpain Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

6)Abraham Rhoads DeHaven (?-d. August 24, 1880) ... m. Elizabeth Pyett [or Pyott] (?-February 8, 1871). Children Edwin, Frank R., Ada and EUGENE.

Resided at 262 N. 7th in Philadelphia as of 1847 and at 148 N. 8th in Delaware County as of 1872.

7) Eugene Pyett [Pyott?] DeHaven (December 4, 1841 - September 16, 1886) ... m. December 24, 1863 Catherine Taylor Steele (March 16, 1841-February 26, 1894). Children Margarette Steele (b. April 1, 1865-?), ABRAHAM RHOADS (September 26, 1866-aft. 1932), Elizabeth Pyott (April 24, 1871-August 10, 1871).

Resided at 3852 Sycamore in 1881 (probably Philadelphia).

8) Abraham Rhoads DeHaven (September 26, 1866-aft. 1932) ... m. March 28,1889 Ellen Anna Anderson (February 3, 1868-January 1, 1932), daughter of Andrew Jackson Anderson (1835-1892) and Kate Shamelia (1832-July 24, 1898). Children EDWIN INGRAM, WILLIAM HAMMERSLEY, Thomas Lloyd Dodd, Ida Nellie, Katie Margaret.

Resided in Moore (now Prospect Park), Pennsylvania [Delaware Co.]

9a) Edwin Ingram DeHaven (September 1, 1891-January 17, 1962) ... m. Edna Mae Smith on April 6,1916; daughter of William Schmid and Mary Broehm. Children CHARLOTTE DOLORES and Ellen Mae.

Resided in West Collingswood, New Jersey.

10a) Charlotte Dolores DeHaven ... m. William Howard Hough (?-1994)

Resided in Bangor, Pennsylvania; two children, Melissa Ellen Hough and Martin William Hough.

11ai) Melissa Ellen Hough (unmarried); residing in the city of Philadelphia. Curator of the CIGNA Museum and Art Collection.

11aii) Martin William Hough ... m. Suzanne Workman and living in Florida.

9b) William Hammersley DeHaven (September 21, 1889-December 18, 1949) ... m. June 20, 1912 Sarah (Sadie) Sill Griswold (December 22,1888-May 2, 1922); two children, William and IDA MARION. m. Clara Iola Friday Hampton bet. 1922-1923 (November 25, 1892-February 6, 1967); three children, Alvin, Edward and Theodore. Step-siblings also.
10bi) William (October 26, 1913-May 3, 1973) ... m. Edith Mullin Ewing (September 3, 1907-February 17, 2007); no children

Lived in Prospect Park, Pennsylvania until mid 1970's. Edith lived in Lima, PA. until her death.

10bii) Ida Marion DeHaven (April 21, 1918-September 28, 2006) ... m. on May 1, 1943 to Harold Russell Edgerton (March 28, 1918-May 9, 1981; three children, Barry Russell, CYNTHIA KAY, LYNN MARGARET.

Resided in Prospect Park, PA and in Leedom Estates, Ridley Park, PA.

11bii1) Barry Russell Edgerton (May 2, 1947-?) unmarried; currently residing in Montrose, West Virginia.

11bii2) Cynthia Kay Edgerton (December 15, 1949-?) ... m. December 28, 1968 Robert John Kauffman (September 4, 1948-?). Two children, Sharon Lee and Kathleen Lynne. Divorced December 18, 1980.

11bii3) Lynn Margaret Edgerton (March 12, 1951) ... m. January 1970 David James Kinee (July 14, 1949-?). Two children, David Russell and Andrew Thomas. Lived in Prospect Park, PA and Norwood, PA. Divorced and now residing in Brunswick, ME with older son, David and family.

12bii2a) Sharon Lee Kauffman (August 2, 1969-?) ... m. October 5, 1980 Shawn Tabor Wagner (February 25,1968-?). One son, Dustin Tabor; one daughter, Madeline Grace. Currently residing in Yeagertown, PA.

12bii2b) Kathleen Lynne Kauffman (June 23, 1973-?) ... m. October 21, 2000 Robert Cramphorn (June 29, 1970-?). Two sons, Timothy Robert and Kyle Edwin; currently residing in Prospect Park, PA.

12bii3a) David Russell Kinee (March 8, 1970-?) ... m. January 1995 Jeanette Lewis (June 26, 1970?-?). Four children, Patrick David, Anna Louise, Heather Lynn and Michael Lewis. Currently residing in Brunswick, Maine.

12bii3b) Andrew Thomas Kinee (April 26, 1982-?) Married Mary Elizabeth Gawarecki on June 24, 2006 in Elkins, West Virginia. Currently residing in Lexington, Kentucky; divorced.

13bii2a1) Dustin Tabor Wagner (February 14, 1990-?) Currently residing in Triangle, VA. Married Allison Smith [b. February 16, 1986 in Lewistown, PA] on September 4, 2009; Dustin joined the U.S. Marine Corps in May, 2009. Allison has one son, Gavyn Haubert, b. 21 November, 2004, who resides with her grandmother in Lewistown, PA. Dustin and Allison are divorcing as of 2012.

13bii2a2) Madeline Grace Wagner (May 20, 2002-?) Currently residing in Yeagertown, PA.

13bii2b1) Timothy Robert Cramphorn (July 8, 2002-?) Currently residing in Prospect Park, PA.

13bii2b2) Kyle Edwin Cramphorn (June 13, 2005-?) Currently residing in Prospect Park, PA.

13bii3a1) Patrick David Kinee (September 12, 1995-?) Currently residing in Brunswick, Maine.

13bii3a2) Anna Louise Kinee (April 4, 1997-?) Currently residing in Brunswick, Maine.

13bii3a3) Heather Lynn Kinee (October 11, 1998-?) Currently residing in Brunswick, Maine.

13bii3a4) Michael Lewis Kinee (May 21, 2002-?) Currently residing in Brunswick, Maine.

Chart 2

List of children in each generation starting from our ancestor Evert (or Eberhart) in my direct line only.


2) PETER [Pieter], Gerhard, Herman [Harmon], Annecke

3) Edward, William, Modlin (Magdalena), JOHN, Peter, Elizabeth, Samuel, Gerhard, Mary, Jacob [children of first wife Sidonia Levering]; John and Abraham [children of Elizabeth]

4) DAVID, Lydia

5) JOHN, Isaac, Rachel

6) ABRAHAM RHOADS, Job Zimmerman, Mary Ann Matilda

7) Edwin, Frank R. Ada, EUGENE

8) Margarette Steele, ABRAHAM RHOADS, Elizabeth Pyott

9) WILLIAM HAMMERSLEY, Edwin Ingram, Thomas Lloyd Dodd, Ida Nellie, Katie Margaret

10) William and IDA MARION

11) Barry Russell, CYNTHIA KAY, Lynn Margaret


13) Dustin Tabor, Madeline Grace; Timothy Robert, Kyle Edwin

Chart 3

1) Evert; 2) Peter; 3) John; 4) David; 5) John; 6) Abraham Rhoads; 7) Eugene Pyott; 8) Abraham Rhoads

9a) William Hammersley m. Sadie Griswold; children William and Ida Marion.                                                           m. Iola; children Alvin, Edward and Theodore.
9b) Edwin Ingram m. Edna Mae Smith; children Ellen and Charlotte.
9c) Thomas Lloyd Dodd m. Irene Buller; children Edwin, Roy (Preston Leroy), Olive (Margaret Olive), Charles, Elizabeth, George, Zay.
9d) Ida Nellie m. Melvin Varner Search; no children but raised Ida Marion DeHaven after her mother Sadie could no longer care for her due to a tubercular hip.
9e) Katie Margaret; never married, no children.

10ai) William and Edith, no children.
10aii) Ida Marion m. Harold Russell Edgerton May 1, 1943; three children, Barry, Cynthia and Lynn.
10bi) Ellen Mae DeHaven; never married, no children.
10bii) Charlotte Dolores DeHaven m. William H. Hough; two children, Melissa and Martin.
10ci) Edwin m. Katherine; three children.
10cii) Roy m. Alba, two children.
10ciii) Olive m. Roy; five children.
10civ) Charles ?
10cv) Elizabeth m. William Carnes.
10cvi) George m. ?; twelve children(?).
10cvii) Zay m. ?; four children.
[Note: These children do not match up with later census findings. CEK]

Chart 4

RHOADS line:

JOHN Rhoads* [b. 1639], cordwainer, m. Elizabeth; children Samuel (lived in Whitpain Township, Chester County); Joseph (of Marple); and JACOB [b. February 16, 1670] who married Margaret Warner.

ABRAHAM [1706-1746], son of Jacob and Margaret, married a Welsh Quaker named Eleanor Rees; she was called Ellen or Elin.

EZEKIEL [1736-January 20, 1813] son of Abraham and Eleanor. Married Mary Tyson.

ABRAHAM Rhoads [August 15, 1764-1827] married Elizabeth; six children: Cornelius, SARAH, Hannah, William, Eleanor and Ezekiel (who married Barbara).


*John Rhoads came from Darby - from Gerard de Rhodes, Lincoln County, at the time of Henry II. He received on July 22 and 23, 1687, 500 acres and 100 more from Ed Farmer, Philadelphia, PA. Deed Bk. 4, xvii, 415. Came here in 1696 and bought land on High Street in Philadelphia. Deed vii, 523, but moved to Chester Country in 1700.


Andrew Anderson m. Catherine Mary Binder (July 13, 1805-March 3, 1849) on October 12, 1826. Children Zinimira Anderson (June 26, 1828-?), Mary A. Anderson (August 15, 1830-April 6, 1857), Christianna Anderson (April 8, 1833-January 2, 1839), ANDREW JACKSON ANDERSON (April 26, 1835-January 22, 1892), Catherine Mary Anderson (March 20, 1840-February 13, 1841) and William Henry Anderson (September 11, 1844-June 19, 1904).

ANDREW JACKSON ANDERSON m. Kate Shamelia on July 22, 1858. Children Mary Ann (October 16, 1859-March 18,1914), Kate Shamelia (November 9, 1861-November 27, 1961), William (February 3, 1864-January 30, 1865), Willie Lincoln (January 5, 1866-?), ELLEN ANNA (February 3, 1868-?), Ernest Christian (December 11, 1873-?).