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Trip Log and News Letter for Terry McAlister's trip to the West Coast
Starting at Cary, Ill., the objective is San Bernardino, CA.

Page Open March 27

April 23;
They're Off!

The Bike is a "New" Whizzer. The engine is a "new" bottom end equipped with an Overhead Valve Conversion by Fred Koenke. The transmission is a rebuilt original "Bi-Matic"

April 24;
Made Peoria today. About 125 miles total. Had a flat tire, then got rained on, and nearly blown off the road. Stopped for the night, resume in the AM

April 25;
Holed up in Havanna, Il. Winds too strong to ride safely. Looks like maybe Tuesday before conditions improve. 200 miles so far.

April 26;
Made Cuba, Mo on Old Route 66 (I44) 200 miles today!

April 27;
198 Miles today, just North and East of Joplin Mo. Changed the carburetor on the bike, not running right.

Audrey says she knows how many fish are in each creek, how many blades of grass in each ditch, and how many tractors in every barn the passed. I guess that means they're movin' slow.

What Audrey saw at 35 MPH

April 28;
No progress today, too windy.

April 30;
Holed up at Oologah Lake Oklahoma. About 157 miles Northeast of Oklahoma City. High winds, rain and hail.

May 1st;
Still holed up at Oologah Lake, high winds. It is supposed to clear off tomorrow.

Bridge west of El Reno, OK. Built in 1933 over the Canadian River. Has 38 arches. Called a pony bridge

May 2nd;
At McClain, Texas, about 80 miles East of Amarillo. Made 150 miles today. Have a sore butt!
The wind is getting to me. Was nice in the morning, but windy in the afternoon.

May 3;
Rode for a couple of hours this morning. Reached Amarillo Texas, and trailered the bike around the city. Presently at a campground at Tucumcari N.M. 30 to 40 mile per hour winds. Blew the bike over last night. Broke the turn signal switch, dimmer, and brake handle. Forecast is winds for the next three days.

May 5 AM;
At Santa Fe, N.M. Was in a canyon last evening and no cell phone signal. The weather is improving, no winds.

Road in New Mexico

May 5 PM;
At Holbrook AZ, No wind today, found some nice grades. Bike is running well. Elevation 6000 ft. Found if I hit hill at about 4000 rpm, the bike climbs well. Only went into low gear a couple of times. The weather has improved. Word for the ride is B O R I N G. Would be more fun if someone was along. Will ride tomorrow with Dave Brown. May haul bike a good part of the remainder to San Bernardino. Am satisfied with accomplishments to date.

Terry's New Girlfriend in Arizona

Road mileage so far about 1700. 1100 by Whizzer and about 600 by hauling due to weather. Miles to go 518.One flat tire, changed carburetor. One very sore Butt!

May 7 PM;
Arrived in San Bernardino, end of the line. (My Mapper says 2249 miles.[Bob])
This photo from Lou Check. Text of the e- mail says:"Dear Bob, this is how Terry ended up in San Bernardino, Ca. at my house with Audrey driving the Ford, we had to clean the bugs out of his teeth, but other than that, he was in quite good condition. Lou Check .....! Ps he found out his butt was not made of iron, so declined the Iron Butt award!!


Terry and Fred Koenke (Builder of Overhead Valve Conversions)

"Good Ol' Boys Biker Group"
Dave Brown (Kingman AZ); Lou Check (San Bernardino CA); Bruce Wilson; Terry and Woody (?)

Route Map

End Log

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