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This just in:
weston is no longer with Go-kart;
their new CD is due out September 22 on Rubber Records

Some bands are blessed with a great vision, and write songs so powerful they incite their believers to riot. Others have beautiful souls and write songs so heart felt they can bring their audience to tears. Then there are some bands who jump around in their underwear like a bunch of half-wits, inspiring their fans to not feel so bad about their personality defects. Such a band is Weston. Started in 1990 with no particular goal in mind, the band often speaks about getting their "message" out to the "kids". Apparently, what that "message" is hasn't been completely determined, but the band seems determined to spread it nonetheless.

weston is:
Dave(vocals, guitar)
Jim(vocals, guitar)
Jesse(bass, vocals)

Their New Full-Length: Return To Mono
due out September 22nd

Full length releases:

Also available:
This as a compilation of all of their early split 7 inches

7 inches not included on Splitsville:
(because Weston was just too embarassed to re-release them)

Recent 7 inches:

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