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A 1905 Dance Card
Sheet Metal Workers' Union Hop, (Location Unknown) - November 20, 1905

[1905 Dance Card]

This card has a heavier cardstock cover over a bi-fold paper interior. An ivory cord is used to attach a slim ivory pencil. The cover is lithographed with a sentimental rose and thorn motif. The programme is for an entertainment and hop for a local sheet metal workers' union held at a local hall; a working class, semi-private event.

[1905 Dance card inside]

Listed inside in the Order of Dancing are 14 pieces. The musical selections are mostly popular songs, many taken from Broadway musicals of the period by composers such as Jerome Kern and George M. Cohan; gone are the classical waltzes and polkas of the 19th century. The Lanciers lingers on as the only surviving quadrille. The remainder of the dances are entitled either "Waltz," or "Two Step," both types of dance popularly done using the same step in either 3/4, 4/4 or 6/8 time. (For a description of a turn of the century Two Step see MIXED PICKLES Vintage Dance Timeline - The 19th Century. The evening ends with the by now traditional "Home Sweet Home." The band provided is listed as the 5th Regiment Orchestra. Throughout most of the 19th century it had been usual for military bands to play for local civilian functions as well.

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