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Troop 117's Eagles' Nest

For those of you who are not familiar with scouting, the "Eagle" award is the highest award a Boy Scout can accomplish as a boy. The "Trail to the Eagle" is a rough one. The scout must complete all of six ranks before the "Eagle" rank. The first rank is accomplished by demonstrating your basic knowledge of scouting skills. This rank is called the "Scout" rank. The next rank is called "Tenderfoot". Following "Tenderfoot" is "Second Class" and usually closely following "Second Class" is "First Class". These are the first four ranks of scouting. They are usually achieved in the first two years of scouting. These are also the four ranks of scouting where merit badges are not required. The next two on the way to "Eagle" take a little bit longer. The first is called "Star". When trying to earn the rank of "Star", you must complete four required merit badges and two merit badges of your choice and serve four months in the troop. The next rank is called "Life". When trying to complete "Life", you must complete three required merit badges and two of your choice and serve six months in the troop. Within those months you must serve as a troop leader, such as a patrol leader, a den chief, a senior patrol leader, a scribe, a quartermaster, a troop guide, or an assistant senior patrol leader. Those are only a few of the many positions that you can hold during your scouting career. Then finally you can start working on "Eagle". To complete "Eagle" in addition to all the rest of the ranks you must earn the last seven required merit badges that you have not already gotten and three more merit badges of your choice to earn a total of twenty-one merit badges in your scouting career. You must also complete a community service project consisting of one-hundred hours in which you also get your fellow scouts to help complete this project. Like before you must also hold a leadership position and spend at least six additional months in the troop. Over the years that Troop 117 has been a BSA organization it has accumulated many Eagles and it will have many more to come. Here is a list of all the very successful Eagles of Troop 117 and the dates they completed this great honor upon: