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A Tribute to John Grimes

One of our dear friends passed away suddenly on March 26, 2004. John Grimes. He was a long time member of the group and will be greatly missed. He was a teacher, a wonderful story teller, a lover of history and gaming. Others in the group have expressed these things better than I can.

"I have been trying to contemplate what to say about my friend John Grimes that would be an appropriate tribute to him. While discussing this with Scott last night I realized what that should be, at least from my perspective. So, without getting too mushy, here is my best attempt.

John was one of the first friends I made in Philadelphia when I moved there more than 12 years ago now. He and Kurt were among those responsible for introducing me to EPGS and the rest of our group.
John and Kurt also introduced me to Fire & Fury, which I had never heard of before that date. John was ALWAYS in the game and ALWAYS willing to help me run my games. He helped me run my very first convention game and many thereafter. He loved gaming I think even more than I do.

I cannot help but recall when Kurt and John brought over hundreds of their own old "ten high" figures to my house in Delaware and we painted them in a production line in my basement. Those ten high figs were not the nicest figures, but they were painted and ready to game.
John and Kurt donated them to my ever-growing 10mm collection. I placed one of them in the center of every stand I had where they are surrounded by GHQ troops. Every time I have run a game, those figures have been on my table.

THAT, therefore is my tribute to John. Every time I run a game, I will remember John's fast-talking, wise-cracking and ever enthusiastic personage. He will always remain a good friend to me and Barbara, who met John when he visited my home along with Kurt a few years ago. So heres to John, friend and gamer unsurpassed!

Rather than lament in his sad and pre-mature departure from our ranks, lets tip a few drinks to him this weekend and be glad to have known him as a true friend. I will do that every time I run a game or attend a con and I look at those hastily painted 10mm troops in the middle of all my other figs."



"Well said Bill and Vince. After my accident he drove up to Lawncrest to take me to the con because I couldn't drive myself. John called Theresa at least once a week the whole time I was gone. He always had a joke or bit of wisdom for her. He was always looking out. He was that kind of guy. I first met John a decade before he became a rogue, gaming one night with Jeff over in Jersey. Vic, Dave Chubb and myself played WWII Micro armor. I hadn't played the system before, and was commanding a German Recon Squad in front of John's KG. Many years later (after we started gaming together) after a particularly vocal disagreement with Victor over the use of recon, John reminded me that I had gotten his recon killed in 2 turns back in 1983. John was a healer; but his first, best love seemed to be teaching. He taught me many lessons; amoung them:
1. The French did have Dragoons
2. There was a reason that the Romans didn't put catapults in grand batteries.
3. Sometimes rushing a turn is a good thing.
4. We have been at peace with the United Kingdom since 1815.
5. Don't share a bed with someone at a Con unless you "want to cuddle".
6. Bad die rolling is not the fault of the dice.
7. Kingmaker IS a contact sport when you play with Kurt and Scott.
8. After all wars comes peace, so pick up the phone and call.
9. When a highly experienced gamer commanding the Russian Guard Artillery Brigade is dug in, on a hill, and attacked by a Saxon Conscript Division commanded by a 9 year old, the Saxons always win.
10. Most importantly, that there is nothing that a real man won't do for a friend, including tell him to put down the bottle, shut up and game. "


"Greg, Vince, Bill you guys said in words what I can't, but I would like to relay Billy's reaction that tags on to Greg's comment about John the teacher. I was away in CA when the news came in on John, I talked to Deb and she felt she had to tell Billy (we both went to see him the weekend before).

Billy was tearful and said the following "John taught me how to paint figures and always took care of me at the conventions". I can't say it any better, once a Rogue always a Rogue. Rest in Peace, our teacher and friend."