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Panoz GTR 1

This is the first entrance into the world of sportscar racing by Panoz Auto, owned by pharmaceutical giant Donald Panoz, also owner of Road Atlanta and Sebring, and has drawn quite a following so far. It recently won the GT1 class at Sebring, finishing second overall only to a WSC class Ferrari F 333SP. Panoz intends to bring out a street version of this beast, which, if I was 16 and could afford it, I'd buy it in a second.

Panoz Web Site


Carbon Fibre Monocoque

Front Engine/Rear Drive

Wheelbase: 105.8 in

Width: 78 in

Length: 175 in

Weight: 2130 lbs

BBS Magnesium Wheels

Front Wheels:18x10

Rear Wheels:18x12.5


Carbonne Industires

Vented Disc

Front Discs: 14 inch

Rear Discs: 13 inch

6-piston calipers


Roush/Ford Alum. V8

6.0 litres

Single centrally located cam

16 valves

Zytek Cross-Ram Fuel Injection

Horsepower: 600

Torque(ft-lbs): 500



6-speed Sequential


0-60: 3.3 sec

0-100: 7.8 sec

Quarter Mile: 11.9 sec

Top Speed: 203 mph