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Sara Douglass

Sara Douglass

Sara Douglass would have to be one of my favorite Authors. She is Australian (like me!) and has a wonderful style. Her books are addictive so BEWARE!

Her most popular books would have to be the Axis Trilogy and the Wayfarer Redemption trilogy. They are based in the same world and follow the same family throught several generations. Axis, her main character in the Axis trilogy, is the Battleaxe of the major religious group. He commands the elite fighting force of the church that mainstays the stability of the people and their beleif in the plow god Artor. Axis is a bastard son of a Duke and his eldest legitimate brother takes sibling rivalry to the peak of it's existance. Axis' leinage is brought out into the open and he is forced to leave the beloved church to confide in the expelled magical races of the land. I don't want to spoil anything else for you so this is all I can say about the books. The Wayfarer Redemption trilogy follows Axis' son Drago as he rediscovers himself and saves the land from demon invaders after his magical family is turned impotent under the demon's influence. A journy of discovery and change awaits you.

Recommended Reading Order

The Axis Trilogy
By Sara Douglass

Book 1: Battleaxe
Book 2: Enchanter
Book 3: Starman

The Wayfarer Redemption
By Sara Douglass

Book 1: Sinner
Book 2: Pilgrim
Book 3: Crusaider

Sara has now branched out and commenced writing her third trilogy. Based in medieval europe around the 13th century she follows the adventures of Thomas Nevile, chosen of the Archangel Michael to drive the demon scurge back into the pits of hell where they belong. But do the demons want to go? Does Thomas want the demons to go?

Recommended Reading Order

The Crucible
By Sara Douglass

Book 1: The Nameless Day
Book 2: The Wounded Hawk
Book 3: The Crippled Angel *released 2002*

Sara Douglass has also written short stories for Sci/Fi and Fantasy compilations, as well as writing single books of her own.

Single Publications
By Sara Douglass

Beyond the Hanging Wall
The Betrayal of Arthur

For more information on anything Sara Douglass relaited please visit her web site:
Sara Douglass' Page

Or visit Spiredore, a site created and mantained by Porcelina, an avid fan.

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