Being Human: Other's True Stories

Links to true stories of other people's lives.

Otherstories on the Art of Being Human
NEW! Dumbass: fatherhood follies as defined by Captain Jon the Brave
Home Repair: Don Asher's adventures continue!
There May Be Angels - In Gerlach: Don Asher braves the wild wild west!
Crash Tested: a true story by my friend, Captain Jon the Brave
Leather and Laces: a shortie by Bob the Hubby

Links to others stories:
Patrick Combs' Ventures
being - by Gar Benedick - an interesting page by Amy Martin
Justin's Links
Don True's "Bike Spiders From Hell" - you MUST read this, it's hysterical!
James: his online journal
Laura Lemay's homepage

Julian Palmer: struggling with his existence
Musings of The Gus: personal journals and writings

Other stuff of interest:
Katharsis: for young writers
being human: try this one for size - interesting to say the least!

The Art of Being Human