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The Lambertville
Sr. Drum & Bugle Corps
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"The 2006 Volunteers at the Brass Reunion"

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2000 NJ State American Legion Parade Champions

Not an Alumni Corps, not a field corps, we like to think of ourselves as an Alternative Drum Corps. Most of our members don't have the time to march with a competition corps, and yet aren't ready to go the nostalgia route and perform the music we played with other corps 15,20,25 years ago. This philosophy has paid dividends as the corps was crowned DCA Mini Corps Champs in 1997.

The Volunteers offer a pressure-free drum corps experience for musicians who still want to play challenging contemporary musical arrangements,and put on a quality performance, but are limited to the amount of time they can devote to rehearsals and performing. Some of the artists' whose tunes the Corps has played include: Chicago,Blood Sweat and Tears, Gloria Estefan, Lionel Ritchie, Yes, Maynard Ferguson, Frank Sinatra, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, George M Cohan, Michael Bolton, Judy Garland, Steve Allen, Hanry Mancini, and Kool and the Gang-quite a diverse group to say the least. New members are always welcome,so consider becoming a part of one of America's oldest and most talented small corps.

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